An unusually cool spring along with a late start to our monsoon season has delayed this year’s transition from the winter Ryegrass to the Summer Bermuda grass. Trail Ridge, Deer Valley and Desert Trails golf courses are almost completely transitioned. These three courses have a different type of Bermuda grass called 328 Tif Bermuda which normally transitions well.   

The older courses such as Pebblebrook, Grandview, Echo Mesa and Stardust have what is called Common Bermuda. This type of grass tends to have a slower recovery period during transition. Staff has been working to help promote Bermuda grass growth through aerification and fertilizer applications that are high in nitrogen, along with proper water management.  

Recent rains and higher dew points have helped with the recovery process, especially on the common Bermuda courses. Staff is confident that a full recovery from transition is just a few weeks away.  

This is always a challenging time of the year for our golf course Superintendents and their staff. Thank you for your patience and know that we strive to give our members the best conditions possible.   

Todd Patty GCS   

Environmental Services Manager