SCW Golf Policies

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Preferred Times for Booking 9-Hole Play Policy

Regulation Courses: first hour and 15 minutes opposite 18-hole play; twilight time or later.

Executive Courses: first hour opposite 18-hole play; twilight time or later.


Regulation Courses: 9-hole play may be booked outside of preferred times (during prime-time) after 3:00 p.m. the day before the requested day or anytime on the day of play. Bookings must be made by staff at the course being booked.

Executive Courses: 9-hole play may be booked outside of preferred times (during prime-time) beginning 3 days prior to the requested day. Bookings must be made by staff at the course being booked.

Any other booking exceptions of 9-hole tee times will be handled on a course-by-course basis, as approved by the course manager.

Single Player Booking Policy

A single cannot book on-line. A single player RCSCW member may book 6 days in advance either in person or by calling any of the RCSCW golf courses. A public player may book 4 days in advance the same way.
Please note, all RCSCW pro shops have access to all RCSCW tee sheets.

Deer Valley (regulation course) 623-544-6016
Desert Trails (executive course) 623-544-6017
Echo Mesa (executive course) 623-544-6014
Grandview (regulation course) 623-544-6013
Pebblebrook (regulation course) 623-544-6010
Stardust (executive course) 623-544-6012
Trail Ridge (regulation course) 623-544-6015

Guest Policy

Guests of RCSCW Members may play as Member Guests if the Member is present, alternatively Member Guests may play as a Public Player. Children under 12 may play golf if they can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Starter that they understand the rules of golf and are able to play without disturbing the play of others. Children may not play during weekly Club play or during the first two cross-overs or before 11 a.m., whichever comes first.

Golf Dress Code For Sun City West Golf Courses

Male – Shirts with sleeves to at least mid-bicep are required. Non-conforming clothing includes but not limited to: tank tops, sleeveless shirts and swimwear.

Slacks/Shorts – Shorts must be mid-thigh in length or longer.

Female – Shirts may be with or without collars and sleeves. Shirts must be non-revealing in nature. No spaghetti straps, fishnet, tube tops, halters, midriff exposing tops, swimwear or the like.

Slacks, Shorts and Skirts – Shorts/Skirts must be mid-thigh in length or longer.

Footwear – Proper footwear is required to be worn on the golf course and practice facility. Spikeless/soft spike golf shoes, golf sandals, flat soled shoes are examples of proper footwear. Any footwear that would damage the greens is strictly prohibited. Shoes MUST be worn in the pro-shop due to the AZ Department of Health regulations.

All clothing must be hemmed and free of holes and tears. Any clothing displaying profanity, inappropriate wording or controversial messages will not be considered appropriate. If in doubt, the final determination of appropriate clothing will be determined by the golf shop staff on duty. Players must comply with their judgment.

Rain Check Policy


  •  Rain has lasted more than 1 hour, or has the possibility of lasting at least an hour
  •  Cart path restrictions are put in effect due to ground conditions
  • Specific holes are closed for play due to flooding or wet ground

RAIN CHECKS WILL BE GIVEN AS FOLLOWS: Rain checks will be given on a prorated basis for the holes that were not completed.

*There will be no refund of a paid round – Rain Check only.*

For weather updates:
Call the weather hotline @ 623-544-6175 (1=PB, 2=TR, 3=DV, 4=GV, 5=EM, 6=SD, 7=DT)
There is no restriction on redeeming the Rain Check with regard to course or time limit.
If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call any of our 7 RCSCW golf courses at: 623-544-6010 PB; 6015 TR; 6016 DV; 6013 GV; 6012 SD; 6017 DT

Alcoholic Beverage Policy

No alcoholic beverages permitted except those which are purchased at the facility.

Spectator Registration

All spectators (non-playing individual who will be on the course) must register in advance with Golf Ops. Please fill out the Spectator Registration Form and submit to the golf course prior to going onto the course.