Capital Projects

Mar 3, 2022

Throughout the year, the Recreation Centers of Sun City West works to provide their members some of the best facilities and amenities in the nation through the completion of capital projects. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the amount of projects being worked on and their closure/reopening dates, so the Rec Centers have put together this webpage to help keep members informed. 

We understand schedules may not always be convenient for some members, but we do our best to limit the impact on usage. Schedules are determined by a variety of factors including budget cycles, contractor schedules, permitting requirements, weather factors, etc. 

Below you can find a tentative schedule of upcoming and current capital projects.

Upcoming and Current Capital Projects – updated 9/26/22

Beardsley Swim & Fitness Building
  • Full building closure began May 2, 2022.
  • Facility reopened Tuesday, Sept. 6
    • Maricopa County has granted a temporary certificate of occupancy as the Rec Centers are still waiting on the arrival of the glass for the arched windows.
  • The following projects are scheduled:
    • Swim and fitness lobby enclosure – Preparing schedule for window frame install. Glass installs approximately two weeks after frame install, followed by final drywall, exterior stucco and overall paint completion.
    • End of pool carpet area -Rubber flooring completed June 28.
    • Pool and spa wall decor – Refurbishment of all the interior wall painting and terrazzo wainscot were completed May 27.

    No current capital projects in progress or planned for FY22-23

    Outdoor Pool Shade Canopy Fabric Replacement
    • Projected start date of Sept. 26
    Room by Room Interior Lighting Replacement
    • Tentative Project Dates: Sept. 5 through Dec. 30
    • The following is scheduled for this project:
      • Over the next six to eight months, a selected electrical/lighting vendor will be replacing the existing fluorescent lighting fixtures with new energy efficient LED fixtures throughout all areas of the R.H. Johnson Recreation Center.
      • Clubs will be notified well in advance of any closure to their facility. In most cases, rooms will only require one to three day closures.
      • Library and Rip n Sew are complete. Men’s Club lighting will be done during dates of closure for coinciding asphalt project closure.
        Mini Golf Lighting Replacement
        • Tentative start date of November 2022
        • The following is scheduled for this project:
          • Existing metal halide fixtures to be replaced with Musco LED sport lighting fixtures.
          • Factory aimed and assembled luminaires, eliminating 10 years of maintenance costs and provide reduction in energy and maintenance costs by 40% to 85% over current halide fixtures.
        R.H. Johnson Parking Lot #2 Asphalt Mill and Replace
        • Update: The library will be reopening Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 9 a.m. Phase 2 of the project will also begin on Sept. 28. Learn More
        • Project Dates:
          • Phase 1 (Library) – Tuesday, Sept. 6 through tentative date of Tuesday, Sept. 27
            • The library will be reopening on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 9 a.m. There will not be any late fees for items due during the closure or the first week the library is reopened.
          • Phase 2 (ARC/Pickleball) – Tentative dates of Sept. 28 through Oct. 14
        • The following is scheduled for this project:
          • The selected vendor will be proceeding in two phases by removing all the existing asphalt, stabilizing soils and replacing with new asphalt.
          • Phase one will consist of the entry drive off R.H. Johnson Blvd. and the library parking lot.
          • Phase two will consist of the entry drive off Meeker Blvd, Pickleball courts, Men’s Club and south ARC parking lots.

          No current capital projects in progress

          R.H. Johnson and Palm Ridge Parking Lot Projects

          Below residents can find information on the upcoming parking lot projects such as maps of the closure area, library information and a video from the RCSCW Capital Projects Manager.

          Each image can be clicked on to enlarge. The video can be clicked on to play.

          Update: The library will reopen on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 9 a.m. Phase two will also begin on Sept. 28. Learn More

          Properties Committee Meetings

          A great resource for residents wanting to learn more about RCSCW capital projects are the Properties Committee meetings held every month (except for July and August) in the R.H. Johnson Lecture Hall.

          Use the video player below to watch the latest Properties Committee meeting.

          To watch past Properties Committee meetings, click here.

          To attend a Properties Committee meeting in person, please click here to see when the next meeting is.

          Completed Capital Projects

          As capital projects are completed by the Rec Centers, they will be moved to the appropriate tab below. Click the tab below to see the capital projects that were completed this fiscal year.

          2022-23 Fiscal Year
          Beardsley Recreation Center
          • Clay Club Monitor Station and Storage – Completed 8/11/22
          • Arts and Crafts Storage Yard ironwork and gate addition – Completed 8/22/22
          Palm Ridge Recreation Center
          • Summit Hall Hardwoods screen and seal – Completed 7/26/22
          • Parking lot asphalt seal and stripe – Completed 9/7/22
          R.H. Johnson Recreation Center
          • Social Hall Hardwoods screen and seal – Completed 7/7/22
          • Metal Shop parking lot asphalt seal and stripe – Completed 9/6/22
          • Rip n Sew cabinet reface and lighting conversion – Completed 9/16/22
          • Administrative office carpet replacement and painting – Completed 9/25/22
            2021-22 Fiscal Year
            Beardsley Recreation Center
            • Concrete dance floor at Beardsley Park – Completed 7/20/21
            • Lighting improvement in pool area – Completed 9/13/21
            • Club room signage package – Completed 1/4/22
            • Garden Club Greenhouse – Completed 5/17/22
            Kuentz Recreation Center
            • Women’s/Boomers Club carpet – Completed 9/3/21
            • Parking and walkway lighting conversion to LED – Completed 9/30/21
            • Parking lot mill and resurface – Completed 11/10/21
            • Club room signage package – Completed 2/1/22
            Palm Ridge Recreation Center
            • Pickleball courts repairs, resurface texture and repaint lines – Completed 6/10/22
            R.H. Johnson Recreation Center
            • Social Hall hardwood sand and finish – Completed 7/14/21
            • Platform tennis courts 1-4 resurface – Completed 7/28/21
            • Courtyard restrooms countertop replacements – Completed 8/31/21
            • Racquetball and Ping Pong hardwood screen and seal – Completed 9/14/21
            • Lecture Hall stage expansion – Completed 12/17/21
            • Metal Shop expansion – Completed 3/17/22
            • R.H. Johnson Men’s Club remodel – Completed 6/10/22
            Desert Trails Golf Course
            • Patio repairs and restore – Completed 11/8/21
            Echo Mesa Golf Course
            • Pro shop parking lot seal and stripe – Completed 7/16/21
            Pebblebrook Golf Course
            • Pro shop trash area enclosure – Completed 2/25/22
            • Pro shop roof and enclosure – Completed 3/18/22

            Photo Gallery

            Check out some of the projects we’ve completed!

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