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Members: If you are interested in taking part in our seven-session TORCH Citizens Academy (every Thursday for seven weeks), we’re happy to announce it will be returning in Spring 2022. Registration will be open first to those whose saw their session close down due to COVID. On Oct. 1, registration will open to anyone else interested in taking the course. Call 623-544-6115 to put your name on the wait list.

In the meantime, TORCH has created a series of educational videos to keep the community up to speed on various topics.  You can view our videos here:

2021 Videos

2020 Videos

Residents – if you’re interested in becoming more involved in your community – possibly serving on a committee or running for the Governing Board at some point – we highly advise you take the TORCH Citizens Academy.

For those who have heard about the Academy but shied away because you heard about class projects and weren’t interested – we have some exciting news for you. We have eliminated the projects and replaced them with engaging new programs on intergenerational communication, leadership and personality styles.

This popular educational program, developed in 2008-09, strives to educate, inspire and excite residents about life in Sun City West. The academy is sponsored by the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, but also offers great insight to other Sun City West organizations such as PORA, the Posse, PRIDES, Fire, Foundation, Community Fund, Sun Health, Helping Hands, Benevilla and more.

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West accepts applications for the TORCH Citizens Academy until all slots are filled; and then a small waiting list is maintained. Applying early is advised to ensure a spot in the Academy.

The academy runs on seven consecutive Thursday afternoons. Classes are about four hours long – and held at various locations in Sun City West to give participants the broadest exposure to the community. Additionally, optional tours are held before some of the classes, and an opportunity to attend a Board meeting with other TORCH participants also is encouraged.

The program is designed to give participants greater insight into Sun City West’s past, present and future. They gain a better understanding of the Association’s budgeting, recreation, facilities maintenance, golf, public relations, marketing, bowling and library divisions. They also hear from leaders of Sun City West’s other community groups.

Since it began in the spring of 2009, hundreds of residents have graduated from this prestigious academy better versed in all things Sun City West.

TORCH, which is held every spring and fall, stands for Tapping Our Resources, Citizens and Heritage. Participants are asked to commit for the full seven weeks to get the most out of the academy. Download an application and return it with a $20 check (made out to RCSCW, to cover the cost of materials, beverages and snacks) to the Governing Board Office at the R.H. Johnson Administrative Offices, 19803 R.H. Johnson Blvd.

For more information, call the Governing Board Executive Assistant at 623-544-6115.

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Below are projects that were presented by earlier TORCH classes. Please note, projects are no longer included in the Academy. The Team projects are presented here, for the community’s consideration. Please note, these projects are only suggestions by the teams, and are not necessarily endorsed or fact-checked by Management.