Golfing at Sun City West is not only fun, but you can also enjoy the amazing scenery and views.  We meticulously maintain our golf courses so each time you golf with us at Sun City West you will have a well-maintained course.  At Sun City West you will find 4 regulation golf courses for the avid golfer and 3 challenging executive courses for the casual golfer.


Weather Hotline: 623-544-6175

4 Regulation Golf Courses: Deer Valley, Grandview, Pebblebrook, Trail Ridge
3 Executive Golf Courses: Desert Trails, Echo Mesa, Stardust

Golf Courses Open on –
Thanksgiving 2022: Trail Ridge, Desert Trails, Deer Valley, Pebblebrook
Christmas 2022: Stardust, Grandview, Echo Mesa

7 Courses, 7 Days a Week!

4 Regulation & 3 Executive Courses

We offer challenging layouts and well-conditioned fairways and greens, with multiple tee boxes to help set the challenge for you. Sun City West is a great golfing experience at a reasonable price!

Practice Facilities

Practicing made easy! Each RCSCW Golf course has a driving range, putting green, and a short game area. These areas are open from dawn to dusk. Schedules may vary, call the course if you have any questions. 

Golf Pro Shops

Sun City West Golf Pro Shops offer golf balls, golf apparel, snacks, equipment, and much more for your golfing needs.

Golf Cards

Sun City West Golf Cards can offer significant savings for the avid and casual golfer. We offer five different cards tailored to meet the needs of specific golfers.

Sun City West golfers who play frequently and want the best value should consider purchasing one of our cards and start saving today!


Sun City West Golf Courses are home to a variety of wildlife including, coyotes, rabbits and swans, to name a few.


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Whenever a lottery request is submitted on the web portal, regardless of whether a lottery request confirmation email is received or not, the booking member should check their “My Itinerary” file to ensure the request was completed. If the request is incomplete, see the How to Edit or Cancel a lottery request section in the Lottery Request Instructions Frequently Asked Questions.

If the request doesn’t appear in the “My Itinerary” list, the lottery request should be resubmitted, more than likely due to not completing the original lottery request.

Golf News

Grandview Golf Course closure schedule set

Grandview Golf Course closure schedule set

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West would like to inform the community of the upcoming Grandview Golf Course closure for this summer.

Grandview Golf Course will have a modified schedule prior to closing, as part of the upcoming irrigation project.

The back nine will be closed Monday, April 3. The front nine will be open for play until Monday, May 29, as will the driving range, putting green and practice chipping areas. The Pro shop, Crooked Putter and GolfLab will be open to the public.

The entire course and practice areas will close Monday, May 29. The Crooked Putter and GolfLab will stay open for business.

Grandview Golf Course along with all the practice facilities are scheduled to reopen after overseeding on Tuesday, Oct. 24.

2023 January Holes-In-One

2023 January Holes-In-One

January 2023 Holes-in-one

Who made a hole-in-one during the month of January? See which golf course had a hole-in-one and who made them down below.

Name Date Course Hole Yards Club
Linda Pederson 1-4-23 Desert Trails 4 78 5 Hybrid
Larry Mount 1-4-23 Echo Mesa 11 101 PW
Judy White 1-4-23 Echo Mesa 16 107 8 Iron
Mike Carr 1-8-23 Stardust 11 114 PW
Mark Gingrich 1-10-23 Stardust 5 119 PW
George Dushan 1-10-23 Echo Mesa 15 81 PW
Don Giese 1-11-23 Desert Trails 8 130 7 Hybrid
Alfred Perro 1-11-23 Desert Trails 16 109 Rescue
Peggy Stallbaum 1-11-23 Desert Trails 4 78 8 Iron
Thomas J. Oster 1-11-23 Deer Valley 2 125 8 Iron
Jim Mullen 1-12-23 Echo Mesa 7 139 7 Wood
Tom Uttke 1-13-23 Deer Valley 5 158 7 Iron
Leonard Lesperance 1-13-23 Deer Valley 2 151 9 Iron
Gary Palombo 1-14-23 Deer Valley 17 151 8 Iron
Maurice Chesney 1-14-23 Echo Mesa 17 185 3 Wood
Harvianne DeGraeve 1-14-23 Desert Trails 8 88 Driver
Roger Fischbach 1-18-23 Pebblebrook 8 110 8 Iron
Pat Conway 1-21-23 Stardust 7 134 Driver
Bart Christianson 1-25-23 Echo Mesa 16 142 6 Iron
Linda Cox 1-26-23 Echo Mesa 15 109 7 Iron
James Vlk 1-29-23 Desert Trails 8 122 9 Iron
Charley Wood 1-30-23 Echo Mesa 2 96 9 Iron
2022 December Holes-in-One

2022 December Holes-in-One

December 2022 Holes-in-one

Who made a hole-in-one during the month of December? See which golf course had a hole-in-one and who made them down below.

December Date Course Hole Yards Club
Jim Pierce 12-2-22 Stardust 7 156 7 Iron
Jerry Kendall 12-2-22 Echo Mesa 12 151 3 Hybrid
Lyle Lavine 12-5-22 Grandview 8 90 9 Iron
Arlys Kraft 12-6-22 Stardust 17 160 3 Wood
Paul Linton 12-7-22 Deer Valley 5 135 9 Iron
Don Nicolay 12-7-22 Echo Mesa 8 112 8 Iron
Robert Jones 12-7-22 Deer Valley 17 152 6 Hybrid
Bill Rohlman 12-10-22 Echo Mesa 15 109 PW
Sandy J. Young 12-10-22 Echo Mesa 3 76 PW
J.R. Crowson 12-10-22 Deer Valley 14 152 6 Iron
Maggie Hudson 12-17-22 Echo Mesa 4 121 Driver
David Milam 12-17-22 Echo Mesa 2 99 PW
Marilyn Gilmore 12-18-22 Desert Trails 4 78 5 Wood
Margo Schmitz 12-20-22 Stardust 7 125 3 Wood
Paul F. Armstrong 12-20-22 Trail Ridge 12 122 8 Iron
Scott Potter 12-22-22 Deer Valley 2 126 9 Iron
Mark Mann 12-23-22 Deer Valley 5 155 5 Iron
November 2022 Holes-in-one

November 2022 Holes-in-one

November 2022 Holes-in-one

Who made a hole-in-one during the month of November? See which golf course had a hole-in-one and who made them down below.

Name Date Course Hole Yards Club
Diane Harahan 11-7-22 Echo Mesa 3 76 8 Iron
Don Mellen 11-10-22 Echo Mesa 2 90 PW
Carolyn Lopez 11-10-22 Echo Mesa 3 84 9 Iron
Silvia Henderson 11-11-22 Echo Mesa 12 101 5 Hybrid
Penny Reed 11-17-22 Echo Mesa 15 84 9 Iron
Steve Sundman 11-23-22 Deer Valley 17 164 4 Hybrid
Cullie Nebel 11-26-22 Stardust 16 119 7 Iron
Pam Nokes 11-27-22 Pebblebrook 11 122 5 Wood
Bob Bowlby 11-28-22 Pebblebrook 8 81 PW
Pam Hewitt 11-29-22 Grandview 8 106 6 Hybrid
Pat Garrison 11-30-22 Stardust 16 140 8 Iron

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