The Beardsley Swim and Fitness Project has been delayed due to supply chain issues that will affect the center’s reopening.

Now set tentatively to reopen Aug. 31, the project was set back several weeks as the Rec Centers awaits building materials, primarily custom door frames, window frames and glass. These items could not be ordered until demolition was completed and the areas were reframed, as they are custom ordered to size. They were reordered as soon as framing was completed, but the industry is backlogged nationwide.

Doors and glass are not the only materials that are in short supply. Also on the Beardsley project, there was a delay in obtaining an HVAC system. That, however, was resolved rather quickly with a unit shipped in from Nevada.

“These product and material delays are not unique to the Beardsley project,” said General Manager Bill Schwind. “And they are not unique to Sun City West. “Throughout the Association and the nation, we are all dealing with backlogs and materials shortages. From computer parts and building materials to the shortages you’re seeing on your grocery store shelves – supplies, shipping and manpower are affecting all of us.”

The rest of the Beardsley project, which began in early May, is on schedule and most of it is, in fact, complete, However, the county will not issue a certificate of occupancy until the entire project is complete. That includes the doors and windows. The Rec Centers was considering boarding those up temporarily to allow the facility to open with the rest of the areas finished, however that would result in a county violation.

Areas of the project which have been completed include:

  • Demolition of old floor fountains, wall water feature and all carpeted areas in the pool area; replaced with concrete pool deck finished with stylish rubber flooring. Completed June 24.
  • Entire indoor pool and spa area painted with new graphic design and color scheme. Completed May 27.
  • Old open-air lobby elements demolished and modified.
  • Framework is complete on entry openings and windows for custom-sized arched glass windows.
  • Interior wall materials, grid ceiling, exterior stucco surfaces, air-conditioning and mechanical systems are also completed. The final sprinkler head drops are being installed, with the finished floor stain/epoxy ready for completion next.
  • The new monitor station is ready for install upon finishing the floor surface. The long hallway to fitness is being prepped for paint.

Capital project information is kept updated online at Additionally, updated information is shared through the General Manager’s weekly reports, which are shared online at

Residents are encouraged to use the Rec Centers’ three other pool/fitness centers until Beardsley reopens. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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