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If you recall, RCSCW made the decision several weeks ago to close its recreation facilities, except for golf courses. Our decision preceded our Governor and all university and national sports associations decisions to do the same.

 Our main decision to keep golf open is the fact that golfers do not require a shared physical object to play (a ball being handed back and forth). We took special precautions to ensure social distancing, making sure we adapted and removed most touchable items (flags, holes, rental carts, ball washers, rakes etc.) Yes, there was some early complaining but that grew mostly into thank you messages.

 Look at the situation since then. The Arizona numbers within Maricopa County are growing and we are being told that the peak is coming.

If a large wave, hurricane or tornado is approaching, do you not prepare and take cover?

I have learned over years of competition that winning requires a bit of defense to be played.

 What appears to be one of the saving graces from this virus is isolation, quarantine and hopefully warm sunny weather. Other countries severely impacted by this virus have adopted this type of stay at home behavior and things are improving and lives are saved.

 This is serious and we are managing as such.

 With the spread of this virus continuing to grow locally, we feel that the best thing for everyone to do at this time is to stay home.

 So far 14 states have specifically banned golf being played (California, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin), and the situation is ever-changing. In some cases, courses, clubs or resorts have opted to pause operations even if their states haven’t mandated it.

 A few days ago, our Governor made changes to his initial definition of essential services (beauty salons, manicures and tattoo parlors). I’m not certain that golf is too far behind.

 Dealing with the national trends, local health official data and a recent spike in activity, we made the decision to close for the safety of all.

 I golf, too, and I understand the frustration as I would rather be out there with you than doing a lot of other things.

 You can fault me all you want for making unpopular decisions, but those decisions are honest, transparent and defendable.

 You should not find fault in our Association’s attempt to keep members safe and protecting our employees from unnecessary harm.

 The best advice given to me is to “Stay At Home,” wash your hands and I hope to see you on the tee box soon.

 Stay safe –

 William Schwind
General Manager



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