Summer Community Puzzle is Complete!

The puzzle started on June 2nd and was completed on July 12th (27 open days).
It took 80 people, 1,466 hours to complete the puzzle.

The puzzle will be taken down the morning of September 8th. 

This years puzzle is named “Travel around Art!” and has 54,000 pieces. The puzzle is 28.35 ft long by 6.69 ft wide. This puzzle takes you on a journey through the world of art! Discover more than 50 paintings by artists ranging from Arcimboldo to Van Gogh and even Monet and Leonardo da Vinci.

Last years puzzle of 51,300 pieces started June 1st and completed July 30th. Two people guessed the correct date!

All of the Summer Community Puzzles are donated by Vivian L. Hennessey in honor of her husband, Jim.