Recreation Centers of Sun City West voters on Monday chose three new Directors and maintained the Association’s ability to continue enforcing parking regulations.

The referendum regarding parking enforcement passed by an overwhelming margin of 96.5 percent in favor of maintaining the Association’s ability to regulate the roadways, and 3.5 percent voting against.

“We appreciate members turning out and voting so overwhelmingly in favor of allowing our CC&R Department to continue doing what we’re doing,” said Property Manager James Riley. “This yes vote means we can continue maintaining Sun City West the way our Members have come to expect.”

On the Governing Board front, voters chose Jolene Piaskowski, Dennis Horvath and Rudy Grom as the newest Directors. Piaskowski will immediately fill the remaining term of Harry Stannebein, who resigned Feb. 6 for personal reasons. Piaskowski will finish that term through June 30, and then on July 1 will join Horvath and Grom to begin their own full three-year terms.

The three newest Directors will join Tim Hurley, Jack Leary, Christine Novello, Dick Rhoades, Alan Schlemmer, and Kay Williams, who continue on the Board. Terms for Directors Terry Hamman and Lisa Vines end June 30.

The Governing Board is comprised of nine Owner-Members, all of whom are volunteers and receive no compensation. They serve three-year staggered terms, with one-third of the Board turning over every year.

This year’s election was the second-highest on record, and included perhaps the highest number of candidates, with eight vying for the three positions. A total of 10,142 votes were cast (39.1 percent).

The candidates, in order of their vote totals, were:
• Jolene Piaskowski, 4,258 votes
• Dennis Horvath, 3,995 votes
• Rudy Grom, 3,827 votes
• John Chattin, 3,802 votes
• Nick Turner, 3,548 votes
• William “Bud” Meador, 3,241 votes
• Doris “Dori” Miller, 2,867 votes
• Ronald Aames, 1,692 votes