The Recreation Centers of Sun City West Governing Board held an Executive Session Tuesday afternoon and voted to remove Tim Hurley as president.

The action follows an earlier decision by the Board to suspend Hurley for 30 days. That suspension, which prevents Hurley from participating in any Governing Board activities and temporarily revokes his recreation center privileges, ends on March 25.

Tuesday’s decision was announced by Interim Board President Lisa Vines following the closed session. Vines will remain as interim president until the Board votes on a new president at its next Regular Meeting, which begins 9 a.m. Thursday, March 21, in the Lecture Hall. No additional information about the Executive Session was available.

Bylaw 5.7 allows the Board to vote to fill officer vacancies, and with the new officer fulfilling the term until June 30.

Additionally, Bylaw 5.06 states: “Any officer may be removed from office by the majority vote of the Governing Board at any regular or special meeting called for that purpose whenever the Governing Board determines that such removal serves the best interests of the Association.”

The Board’s March 25 Election will see three new Directors selected by the community, with three-year terms beginning July 1. Additionally, the top vote-getter will be seated immediately to fulfil the remainder of Harry Stannebein’s term. He resigned Feb. 6, stating personal reasons. After Stannebein’s term ends June 30, that top-vote getter will begin their own term on July 1.