Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc. 





Date:               January 06, 2020

To:                  RCSCW Governing Board

From:             William Schwind, General Manager

Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – January 06, 2020


Facility Projects: (Karl)
  1. Palm Ridge Stained Glass/Computers West Club Renovation is in progress – The Club Equipment and furniture move was completed this morning, January 6, 2020.  Ceiling tile installation and touch ups are in progress.  We are still on schedule to complete this project on January 10, 2020 and the rooms will be open and turned back over to the clubs on Saturday 1-11-20.  The Grand Opening for Stained Glass is scheduled for Saturday, January 18, 2020 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


  1. Metal Shop Storage Yard Expansion (Club Funded) – The parking lot asphalt was repaired and this project was completed on 01/06/2020.


  1. Kuentz Gas Meter Project – The Project is scheduled to begin January 13, 2020 with Southwest Gas, National Pipeline on boring, sleeving, installing pipeline and installing the final Meter over a three-week timeline. Foresight will be installing a gas line modification tie-in to the Pool Building during the scheduled process.  The vendor will ensure all Safety Requirements.



Facility Maintenance:  (Russ)
  1. The Sports Pavilion Fire Alarm System went off last weekend. It was a false alarm.  Upon inspection of the system it was determined that the pin-hole leak did cause the false alarm.  The leak got internal parts of the system wet which caused the false alarm and also caused the system not to report the alarm.   The vendor did a temporary fix to resolve the issue and the pipe will permanently be replaced about the middle of next week.



Recreation:  (David)
  1. We are setting up an Open House for Health and Wellness Reflective Services Massage Therapy on January 7, 2020 at 1:30 p.m. at the R. H. Johnson Pool. Reflective Services Staff will provide demonstrations and poolside massages to advertise some of the services they provide.


  1. Reflective Services added two more personal trainers for a total of six. We now have a total of 3 massage therapists and with the recent addition, six personal trainers.


  1. We are setting up an 8 Week Walking Trail Challenge, the first of which takes place on Wed., January 15 at 9:30 a.m. starting from the Kuentz Recreation Facility.



Recreation Activities:  (Riley)
  1. If you are looking for information on CC&Rs, take a moment to check out our web page and FAQs using this link: .


  1. Open CC&R cases are virtually the lowest they have been since we started enforcement in July 2019. There are 37 open cases as of this morning and 12 of them are in the fining stages.


  1. We have a meeting scheduled to talk with the Shuffleboard Club about space this morning at 10 a.m.


  1. Changes to the RR&Ps will be discussed at the Chartered Club Committee Meeting scheduled for tomorrow (1/7) at 9:30 a.m.


  1. We have a meeting with the Master Swimmers to talk about their space usage and their schedule.


  1. 208 people attended the Boomer’s first event scheduled at the Social Hall.



Sports Pavilion:

For the month of December 2019 as compared to 2018:


  1. League Play was up 8%. Open Play was up 15%, Bowling revenue was up 9%, Refreshment Sales were up 39%, Total Games Bowled was up 2%, Average Price per Game is up 6% and Total Revenue was up 7%.


  1. Our Sunday Special brought in $868.


  1. Congratulation go out to Skip Browning who bowled a 300 Game! Way to go Skip!


General Services:
  1. We will be filming the Water Advisor and Reserve Study expert’s presentations at their meetings held this week to preserve and share the informational video at future meetings.


  1. Katy O’Grady will be doing a presentation on “Generations” to the SCW Church Group on Thursday of this week.


  1. We have chosen software for the golf pro lessons and will be working to have it configured and have launched before Feb. 1.


  1. For those staff members involved, don’t forget to start updating your TORCH presentations before the next session that starts in February.


  1. The IT Department handled 130 tickets in December and closed 137, meaning we were able to close some that carried over from November as well as keep up with the current load of new daily help tickets.


  1. We are finishing up plans for the fiber optic extension to our Golf Maintenance Yards and will bid that Project out soon. This extension, when complete, will allow the golf course maintenance staff to more fully utilize their irrigation software including remote, mobile capabilities that should result in additional water savings among other benefits.



RHJ Library:
  1. The number of users of our Universal Classes has gone down from last year.


  1. The Friends of the Library will hold their monthly Board meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 9 in the library. All members are welcome to attend.


  1. There were 8,462 visits to the library in December and a total of 111,143 total visits for the entire year (2019) .



Financial Services:
  1. After providing our preliminary Operating Budget to staff, they performed another review and several line items were able to be reduced or moved out to FY 21/22.


  1. The Reserve Analysis Expert will be at the next B&F Committee Meeting to introduce himself and make a Presentation to the B&F Committee.


  1. We have done very well with unrealized gains so far this Budget year.



  1. For the month of December 2019, we had 115 APFs with 12 refunds for a total of 103 APF Fees. Total number for the month of  December 2018 was 85 collected which puts us at 18 APFs over for the month and 40 for the fiscal year.


  1. We are starting out the New Year really well with APFs for January 2020; 9 APF Fees were received with 1 refund for a total of 8 APFs coming to $280,000 in 2 days. Total number of APFs collected in January 2019 were 73.


  1. The percentage of refunds returned on APF fees is currently at 9.28% for SCW to SCW property sales.


  1. We had 90 Tenants prepaid by the end of December so their Tenant Cards would already be activated once they arrived here on January 1st. It was still a very busy couple of days for the Membership Department the first week of January but having been able to prepay the Tenant Cards really helped keep those lines down.



Events Planning:
  1. Tickets for “Spring Fest”, March 14 through March 16 are SOLD OUT


  1. Save the date 3-7-20 for our “BBQ Taste of Paradise Challenge” which is a Southwest National BBQ Competition.  To date we have about 33 competitors, many committed sponsorships, Woodshop/Metal Club in-kind sponsors for trophies and awards.    This event takes place in the R.H. Johnson Parking Lot on March 7, 2020.  The RHJ parking lot will be blocked off beginning Thursday 3-05-19 through Sunday 03-08-19.


  1. 71 participants have already signed up for our 5K Run. The date of the 5K is Saturday, March 28, 2020. Visit and click on Annual 5K Registration listed under Announcements.  Proceeds from this event will go to Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.


  1. Our next Cruise Ship Event, The Ping Brothers on Friday, January 2020 is SOLD OUT.


  1. Our Top Hat Event, Uptown is scheduled for Thursday, January 9 at Palm Ridge for 3 and 7 p.m.   Tickets are still available at the Box Office.


  1. 3 International Tenors perform here in Sun City West at 3 and 7 p.m. on January 14, 21020 at Palm Ridge. Tickets are still available at the SCW Box Office.



Human Resources:
  1. We have selected a slate of candidates and set up interviews for the position of HR Director We are in the process of generating the list of questions that will be asked of each of the candidates.


  1. Just a reminder that Arizona State minimum wage went up to $12 on January 01, 2020.


  1. HR Administrator Teri Zevenbergen’s last day in HR is February 7th.



Village Store:
  1. Sales in the Village Store were the highest ever recorded. This number includes club sales as well as Village Store Sales.


  1. One of our Clubs had an issue with someone attempting to take $8,400 from the Club’s Checking Account. The amount was more than was in the Account which alerted the bank who alerted the Club.  Please be sure to continually review all activity involving your checking accounts.



Golf Operations:
  1. The numbers for the month of December 2019 as compared to 2018: Rounds are up by 3% and revenue is up by 1%.  The golf courses with the biggest increase over prior year numbers were Grandview and Pebblebrook.


  1. Upcoming events include the following: Couples Therapy (Jan. 11th and 12th), Coors Light Challenge III (January 25), Miami Bowl (Feb. 1) and our Valentine’s Scramble (Feb. 8).  Other events keeping the Staff busy include, Cholla, Ladies Team Play, Sunday Couples (every two weeks), Tennis Club and AZ Desert Hickory.  Kansas City coaching staff want to schedule their 2nd golf event on March 16.


  1. The World Handicap System roll out is up and running. The GHIN Handicap System has been dark since January 1 through today.  New handicaps should be coming online in the next day or so.


  1. Golf Operations hosted our 2nd Sunday Couples Event since Jean Serr passed away. A “Celebration of Life” is being planned on Sunday, January 26 at Stardust Golf Course.  We are expecting 88 players for golf and an additional 20-60 for the memorial service.  Jean’s family will be coming in from California to attend.


  1. Green Team Lessons are going well. Staff has volunteered their time on Saturdays to help the First Swing Instructional program.  These lessons have been well received by the students and hopefully we will have more of a presence in the near future.



Environmental Services:
  1. Golf Course Maintenance
  • 2019 rainfall totals came in at 11.18” of rain. Our water usage this year is 3,500 acre feet and we were under our allotment a total of 417.37 acre feet which equals about 59 acre feet per each of our golf courses.  We have been under our annual allotment usage now for 7 years in a row.


  • Golf Maintenance Staff are fertilizing, mowing and putting down weed control.


  • We had 5 hours of frost delays last week. In January 2019 for the first week of January we had 9.5 hours of frost delays and 1 full day of cart path restriction.


  • Gary Brawley of Golf Course Design will start drawing up turf conversion plans for Grandview this week.


  • All Operating Budgets for Golf Maintenance will be completed this week and our Capital Budget is complete.


50. Landscape Maintenance:
  • Staff will continue to clean up Stardust Blvd. adding fill dirt and granite where the old Orange trees were removed.


  • We are spraying pre-emergence and post applications for weed control.



Upcoming Events

December Upcoming Events


Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
New Year’s Eve Dance Tuesday, December 31, 2019 Palm Ridge 7:30pm Available Now

Current / Upcoming Ticket Sales

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
3 International Tenors Tuesday, January 14, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
Cary Long – Comedian Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
Troubadour Experience Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Uptown Thursday, January 9, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Shashaty Thursday, February 13, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Jump Jive & Wail Thursday, February 27, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Aretha Thursday, March 12, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Ping Brothers Friday, January 10, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Tod Oliver & Friends Friday, January 24, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – AZ Trio Friday, February 7, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – Adel Experience Friday, February 21, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – Black Market Trust Friday, March 6, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Fair Child Blues Friday, March 20, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
Voyager – Journey Tribute March 13, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT
One of These Nights – Eagles Trib March 14, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT
Mirage – Fleetwood Mac Trib March 15, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT


Breakfast with Santa turned out better than we could have hoped for!  So many good comments received regarding this event, many stating that it was fun, exciting and very well run.  Thanks to all who made this event a success as well as those who came in for some good Christmas fun!


5k Now Available online under Announcements! 

Date of 5k – Saturday, March 28, 2020

Visit Click on Annual 5K Registration listed under Announcements

Charities go to – Patriotic Service Dog Foundation


BBQ – SCW BBQ Taste of Paradise Challenge

SAVE THE DATE – March 7, 2020


Ticket Sales  December 16, 2019

Show Location Tickets Sold % Date of          Event
New Year’s Eve Dance Palm Ridge 337 78% 12/31/2019
Top Hat – Uptown                     3PM Palm Ridge 571 78% 1/9/2020
Top Hat – Uptown                     7PM Palm Ridge 783 97% 1/9/2020
Cruise Ship – Ping Brothers Palm Ridge 797 99% 1/10/20120
3 International Tenors               3PM Palm Ridge 230 28% 1/14/2019
3 International Tenors               7PM Palm Ridge 323 40% 1/14/2019
Cruise Ship – Todd Oliver and Friends Palm Ridge 800 100% 1/24/2020
Cruise Ship – The Arizona Trio Palm Ridge 800 100% 2/7/2020
Cary Long – Comedian             3PM Palm Ridge 133 40% 2/11/2019
Cary Long – Comedian             7PM Palm Ridge 235 70% 2/11/2019
Top Hat – ShaShaty                 3PM Palm Ridge 509 63% 2/13/2020
Top Hat – ShaShaty                 7PM Palm Ridge 718 89% 2/13/2020
Troubadour Experience            3PM Palm Ridge 248 26% 2/18/2020
Troubadour Experience            7PM Palm Ridge 388 44% 2/18/2020
Cruise Ship – Adele Palm Ridge 800 100% 2/21/2020
Top Hat – Jump Jive Wail        3PM Palm Ridge 527 64% 2/27/2020
Top Hat – Jump Jive Wail        7PM Palm Ridge 747 91% 2/27/2020
Cruise Ship – Black Market Trust Palm Ridge 762 94% 3/6/2020
Top Hat – Aretha                      3PM Palm Ridge 549 68% 3/12/2020
Top Hat – Aretha                      7PM Palm Ridge 769 95% 3/12/2020
SPRING FEST – Voyager Beardsley 2400 100% 3/13/2020
SPRING FEST – Take it to the Limit Beardsley 2400 100% 3/14/2020
SPRING FEST – Mirage Beardsley 2400 100% 3/15/2020
Cruise Ship – Fairchild Blues Tribute Palm Ridge 800 100% 3/20/2020

Subscriptions No Longer Available

2020 Cruise Ship Subscriptions 7PM Palm Ridge 700 100% Dates Vary
2020 Top Hat Subscriptions 3PM Palm Ridge 481 68% Dates Vary
2020 Top Hat Subscriptions 7PM Palm Ridge 694 99% Dates Vary
2020 Spring Fest Package no longer available Beardsley 1993 March 13-15