Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc. 





Date:               August 19, 2019

To:                  RCSCW Governing Board

From:             William Schwind, General Manager

Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – August 19, 2019


Facility Projects:

  1. RHJ Parking Lot 1 – Asphalt Seal and Stripe – FY19-20 Project was completed 8-16-19.


  1. Beardsley Pool & Spa Deck – Grind & Seal – FY19-20 Project was completed 8/18/19.


  1. Beardsley Rec. Center – General Energy Conservation (Excel Electric) – FY18-19 Project – Aquatics Center LED conversion project is in progress 8-19 through completion (about two weeks).


  1. RHJ Library Ops & Public Restroom Remodel – FY19-20 Project – Installation of flooring, tile, countertops, bath partition and new paint is in progress through 9/6/19. The main library continues daily operation with no disturbance.


  1. RHJ Activity Center – Ping Pong/Racquetball Hardwood Screen & Seal – FY19-20 Project is in progress. These rooms are closed 8/19 through 8/25.


  1. Echo Mesa Pro Shop Roof Replacement – FY19-20 Project – Tile installation is in progress. Completion is expected 8/20/19.


  1. Beardsley Aquatics Hall Tile Replacement – RY18-19 Project begins 8/26 through completion.


Facility Maintenance:

  1. We have painted 8 of the 10 Beardsley Ramada tables and posts. We are currently working on painting the two remaining sets of tables & posts and one ramada that still needs skirting.


  1. We had to do an extensive condensation line repair at the RHJ Fitness Room. When the Fitness Room extension was added on it appears the condensation line was not run correctly causing water pooling at the Fitness Room.  The line was identified and re-run properly.


  1. We located an electrical short at the RHJ Pool that affects two side lights and two pool lights which has been an on-going issue. We are working to repair this.


  1. A spring recently broke on the ADA door at the entrance to the RHJ Pool. We have put a wedge in the door to keep it from rapidly opening until repairs can be made.


Recreation Maintenance:  (David)

  1. Just a reminder that Beardsley Pool continues to be closed for major pool and spa renovations and reopens October 1, 2019. The Beardsley remodel is on schedule and looking pretty awesome!


  1. We have a meeting with Waxie, our new cleaning service, to talk about transition and implementation of their products and services. We will be starting with the Library, Sports Pavilion and 3 golf course pro shops.


  1. We are cleaning the Beardsley chairs and card tables before moving them back into the Facility.


  1. We have been meeting with Yoga last week to talk about the new room set up. They indicated how much they liked the remodel and said both the lighting and the sound system were good as well.  The Club plans a soft opening on 9/2 but will plan a bigger Grand Opening some time in November.


  1. We will be holding weekly meetings with our Health and Wellness partner, Reflective Enterprises.


Recreation Activities:  (Riley)

  1. If you are looking for information on CC&R’s, take a moment to check out our web page using this link: .


  1. We will be meeting with the Agriculture Club this week to discuss agriculture plots.


  1. We have met with three of the eight clubs we needed to talk with regarding our new guest fee policy. We will meet with the remaining clubs as they return throughout the Fall.


  1. We would like to remind everyone of our policy regarding food and drinks at the pools per Maricopa County Health Code. No food or drinks are permitted within 4 ft. of the pool edge.  This includes bottled water which may pose a safety (tripping/falling) issue for those getting into or out of the pool if left on the edge or in the walkway.


Sports Pavilion:

  1. The Sports Pavilion has now reopened after summer maintenance.


  1. For the first 15 days of August, Open Play is up15%, Non-Resident Bowling is up 21% and total Bowling Revenue is up 32%.


  1. The Lona King Tournament scheduled for November 8, 9 and 10 can accept 150 bowlers.


Village Store:

  1. The Village Store is closed for cleaning and maintenance and will reopen the day after Labor Day which is Sept. 3rd.


General Services:

  1. Luke AFB inquired about holding a golf tournament at SCW.


  1. Kudos to Mike Kohn of the IT Department being ahead of schedule in the deploying of the scheduled replacement of PCs. The work has moved quickly and there has been little need to revisit for reported problems.


  1. Our hits are up for Instagram, Face Book and You Tube.


RHJ Library:

  1. The library project to replace the flooring in the Virtual Reality Room and staff work areas is scheduled began on Monday, August 19. The public rest rooms will receive necessary updating at this time.  The library will remain open to patrons, volunteers, and staff.  The Friends of the R. H. Johnson Library, however, request that people not bring donations of books, audiobooks, jigsaw puzzles, or games beginning on Saturday, August 17 until further notice.  We don’t expect to take donation for the next two weeks.  The Friends will not be able to sort and store donated items during this period.  They thank you for your cooperation.


Financial Services:

  1. The Annual Association Audit went well. Our annual auditors and staff continue to work on the certified final report.


  1. Dawn and the Payroll area moved into the Analyst’s Office and the analyst will occupy the area outside the old Payroll space.


  1. Our new Financial Analyst, Freddy Aston, starts on 9/3/19. Be sure to welcome her to the Rec. Centers.


  1. We continue to talk about Reserve Study Issues.


  1. The B&F Committee kicks off on September 3 We would like to have a JP Morgan Rep. there to talk about low risk, high liquidity options for us.


  1. We continue working on the upcoming minimum wage increase and an analysis regarding the compression issue.


  1. July Financials are not out yet. Expect them to be available within the next two weeks.



  1. For the month of August we had 50 APF’s with 8 refunds for a total of 42. There was a total of 80 APF’s collected for the entire month of August 2018 and we are still on track to surpass that number for 2019.


  1. Re-taking and updating member card photos has quieted down a bit but we expect it to pick up again once the snowbirds return. We are currently coming up with a plan and trying to determine the best way to take the large amount of  photos and the days and times needed to accomplish this.


Events Planning:

  1. Our September Dance on Friday, 9/20 at 7 p.m. at Palm Ridge is almost sold out.


  1. Our Biennial Garage Sale is set for Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 7 a.m. in the RHJ Parking Lot. Tickets go on sale, August 20, 2019. You must be a member of Sun City West to sell at this event but anyone can come to browse and buy!


  1. Tickets are available for our Fall Fest Concerts scheduled from October 25 through October 27 (Thaddeus Rose”, “The Pettybreakers”, KansAZ”). The location for this event is Beardsley Park.  All shows are at 7 p.m.


  1. Kasey will be attending the APRA Conference in Tucson from 8/20 through 8/22.


  1. We will be partnering with Del Webb Banner “Stop the Bleed!” and hosting a BBQ competition Saturday, March 7, 2020! A flyer has been generated for the “BBQ Taste of  Paradise” which is a Southwest National Competition.


Human Resources:

  1. HR Manager Denise Babirak and staff met with Cigna and are involved with negotiating health care coverage for next year.


Golf Operations:

  1. Both revenue and rounds are up 1% over last year for the month of August. Golf has slowed down a bit with the extreme heat.


  1. Our Lady of Lords Church booked a shotgun tournament the afternoon of 9/20 at Pebblebrook Golf Course.


  1. Our next Coors Light Challenge takes place on Saturday, 9/21 at Pebblebrook Golf Course. 88 golfers have signed up.  The maximum for this tournament is 100 and we anticipate that this event will be sold out by the end of the week.


  1. We have been hosting Valley Vista High School Students at both Pebblebrook and Stardust Golf Courses. Ottawa University has also reached out to us regarding an arrangement to host them as well.


Environmental Services:

  1. Landscape Maintenance Update – the new section of the Small Dog Park opened in early August. Both sections of the Park will remain open until Fall Over-Seeding, which is scheduled to start on Wednesday, September 25.


  1. Fall Over-Seeding – There are 40 days until Pebblebrook, Echo Mesa, Deer Valley and Desert Trails golf courses close for over-seeding. This year courses will be closed for four weeks with no cart path restrictions after reopening.  In the past we had a three-week closure with one week of cart path restrictions.


  1. We continue with the removal of the ornamental orange trees along Stardust Blvd. We had a total of 349 orange trees to attend to.  Once the orange trees have been removed, the planting of new trees (Southern Live Oaks) is scheduled to start in late September or early October.


Upcoming Events

August Upcoming Events

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Sizzling Summer – John Gamber Tuesday, August 27, 2019 Stardust 3pm SOLD OUT


Current / Upcoming Ticket Sales

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
September Dance Friday, September 20, 2019 Palm Ridge 7pm Tickets Still Available
Biennial Garage Sale Saturday, October 19, 2019 RHJ 7am Tues, Aug 20, 2019
Fall Fest 10-25 thru 10-27 Beardsley 7pm Available Now
2020 TOP HAT Subscription Dates Vary 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Subscriptions Available NOW


 This week:

 BBQ Competition-

We will be hosting a BBQ Competition Saturday, March 7, 2020!

More details to come! – We will be partnering with  Del Webb Stop the Bleed!