Governing Board President


The 2018-19 fiscal year is my second on the Governing Board. I have mostly enjoyed my experience and the process of governance. Sometimes there are too many meetings, sometimes not enough time to prepare – but overall the opportunity to view our community from the Board perspective has been an eye opener!


The Board does things like approve capital projects and annual budgets (which lately include dues increases), and deal with policy issues.


This past year (FY17-18), the Board worked mostly on internal procedures and practices. Although the work was good and will be continued, budgets and approvals are not something most of the community would find interesting.


Few people come to our Board meetings, and unless the Board makes the effort, we don’t hear feedback from residents.    I have challenged this year’s Board to reach out into the community to work on a positive image change.


One of the ways we can do that is to celebrate people and groups in Sun City West who are doing things to make lives better.


We need help from the Board, staff and you, the residents,  to be on the lookout for excellence in our community. There are world-class things happening all around us. It might be a club that volunteers to pack food boxes or an organization such as PRIDES or a resident who volunteers in an unusual way. There are a lot of things that happen that need to be acknowledged and celebrated!     


To celebrate – each month at our Board meetings (last Thursday of the month) we will acknowledge one or two outstanding people, organizations or activities.  These presentations will be called “Mission Moments.” A certificate from the Board and a presentation by a Board member will be made at the meeting. We might even be able to arrange a picture for the Rec Center News!


In the spring, the Board will sponsor an event to thank our volunteers. Details will remain a surprise for now, but watch our publications and online media for details in the future.


We need your help! If you know of someone, or a group that is doing great things in our community, send me an email ( or call me (623-687-8756) and tell me about it. Maybe our Board meetings might become exciting! I hope so!