Simple outings most of us take for granted can be intimidating for Sun City West residents with allergies to perfumes, chemicals and odors. Most of us don’t even think about chemical sensitivities when we spray on perfume or cologne, but for some residents this can be a severe problem, so the Rec Centers is asking the community to keep this in mind as they go about their activities and attend our events.

For some individuals, particularly those with asthma, exposure to even the smallest amounts of a chemical allergen can trigger an attack. These reactions are called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or environmental sensitivities, and the severity of the symptoms can vary. Some people report mild irritation while others are incapacitated and must give up many activities of daily living, such as going to public places, in order to avoid exposure.

We ask our residents to use common sense so ALL our residents can enjoy their free time in our community. Be respectful of those around you and refrain from overdoing it with perfumes or cologne. Better yet, if you’re attending a crowded public event, consider forgoing scents altogether.