After receiving a few comments about our ticketing software and the fact that this particular software is available to anyone, we are finally happy to share that we are in the final stages of a contract for a new ticketing vendor! We have been working diligently on this change for the past three months as we have understood the frustrations the community has felt with our current ticketing system.

We have been doing our best to limit the sale of dance and cabaret show tickets to “Box Office Only” purchases and requiring those purchasing to show their Rec Card. This goes for two weeks and if there are any tickets available, someone from outside could purchase them. We try to make sure that only SCW residents get to enjoy our events and only advertise within SCW.

This new ticketing vendor, Audience View, will allow for us to make tickets available to only our residents for whatever time period we set. This is something that we have been working on for the past several years, but were unable to find a company that could meet all our needs both financially and logistically. With all the new technology available now, we believe Audience View may be our answer and we are excited to get this system up and running.

It will take several months to get everything entered and set up to meet all the requirements for this new vendor, but hopefully by early summer of this year, we will be able to utilize this new system. There “may be” an increase in the cost of tickets, hopefully no more than $5/ticket; but at least there will be a little more control over who can purchase tickets. IF for whatever reason we do open up any of our events or shows to the outside, they will not have access to ticket sales for two or more weeks, in addition to paying more for their tickets.

We would also like to share with the community that after each of our events sells out, we run a report to see where those tickets were sold. A recent example is the Sunday, March 13, SpringFest show featuring the band “One of These Nights.” For this show, a total of 2,200 tickets were sold. Only 2.59% of those were sold to someone not living in Sun City West, which means that 97.41% of tickets for the show were purchased by residents here in the community.

Thank you all for your patience as we are well on our way to meet the needs the community has been asking for! Please feel free to spread the word!


RCSCW Events Department

During the Jan. 27 Governing Board Regular Meeting, RCSCW staff presented the upcoming change of ticket sale vendors and also engaged in a healthy discussion with the Governing Board about details such as ticket limits for individuals and more. Watch it by using the video player on this page or by visiting the SCW YouTube channel.