The Recreation Centers of Sun City West will be closing Palm Ridge Rec Center beginning May 24 for a parking lot project.

The asphalt will be milled and replaced during the expected 30-day project. All facilities at Palm Ridge will be closed for the duration.

Although some residents have suggested the lot be closed in phases to allow for some uses during the project, this idea was not taken for several reasons. Primarily, the cost would increase considerably due to multiple mobilizations of leased equipment being imported and exported for each phase, and the project timeline needing to be extended to accommodate a partial closure rather than giving the vendor full access to the lot.

The project involves three continuous phases: the removal of all the old asphalt, soils stabilization and grading, and finally the import of new asphalt, meaning heavy equipment will be moving in and out of the facility for the duration. Additionally, there will be limited staff onsite, and they will be dedicated to maintenance projects, meaning the bathrooms will not be open since they will not be serviced. The facilities cannot be open without bathroom amenities.

Attempting a partial opening would also likely result in members parking on side streets, causing a hazard and annoyance for residents living on those streets.

The all-encompassing closure will allow for the lot to be replaced faster, more safely, and at a much-reduced cost.

Additionally, some residents have questioned the timing of the project, wondering why it was not completed during the COVID closure. The timelines for projects of this size are booked well in advance. Breaking those contracts would entail financial penalties if it was even possible to find a new vendor on short notice. Additionally, any new contracts would be bid on the escalated cost of materials and labor, both of which have gone up significantly in the last year.

The Rec Centers makes every attempt possible to reduce closures and find efficiencies in timing of projects. We appreciate our members’ understanding and patience as we complete this project.

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