Residents: Thank you for your patience as we are negotiating these difficult times. Our primary focus is on keeping our members and employees safe. Beyond that, we are working diliegently to stay on schedule with our budgeting for fiscal year 2020-21. To do that, we have pre-recorded a presentation of our capital budget, which you can view at

We have four Committees that play a part in reviewing the budget prior to the Board’s expected adoption on May 28. We are meeting virtually with the Chartered Clubs, Properties, Budget & Finance and Golf Committees on Thursday, April 2. Those meetings will be recorded and posted at after they have concluded.

You can view the Committee meeting videos on the website, and then email us any questions/comments to We will post your questions and our responses on the same website. Be sure to include your name and rec card number in your question. We will not publish your rec card numbers with your names on the Q&A.

Once we have completed this capital review process with the committees,we plan to schedule Board meetings and a public forum. Stay tuned for details on how you can participate in those meetings.

Stay home and stay healthy!