Summer Golf

The number of rounds of golf played in Sun City West during the summer months tend to be less than those that are played in January thru April.  This is entirely due to the drastic increase in temperatures and a good portion of our residents heading back to a cooler climate.  So, with less rounds being played we limit our Player Assistant’s schedule to help with other tasks and chores rather than the normal pace of play and golf course rule enforcement.

Here are a couple thoughts on how to enjoy your next round of summer golf:

Early morning tee times become the “prime” time to play this time of year.  Golfers want to still play a round but limit their exposure to the mid-day sun.  With that said, it is imperative that each group of golfers keep up with the golfers ahead of them.  This will ensure that your round of golf will not take any longer than it should.  Instead of four hours plus rounds during peak season, a summer round should be more along the lines of 3 – 3 ½ hours on the regulation courses and even less for an executive.

During the summer heat, it is imperative to drive to your ball as much as possible.  The cart paths are continuous on each golf course and should be utilized.  Using the 90-degree cart path rule helps wear and tear on the course to optimize playing conditions while still allowing players to get to their ball.   If you see tee areas, fairways, approaches to green, rutted or worn-down areas, that is a sign of too much cart path traffic in a specific area.  Please use common sense when driving your cart in these areas and remember, keeping the carts 30 feet from all tees and greens only improves the condition of the golf course for the golfer behind you; as well as, for your next round.

A true golfer repairs ALL damage to the golf course that he/she does during a round and as well as other players if possible.  The damage to the course includes:  ball marks (yours and one other), sanding divots in fairway and rough, and raking bunkers that you or your playing partner has made.  Keep your ball repair tool handy and your sand bottles full as best you can.

The summer days can be warm but playing a well-conditioned golf course helps make your round more enjoyable.  Todd Patty and staff do a wonderful job keeping our courses looking and playing great and we as golfers need to do our part.  Remember, we have an active golf community and we need to be considerate to all that use our courses.  If you see someone who is abusing or misusing one of our beautiful golf courses, please contact Golf Operations to inform or discuss.  Playing golf in Sun City West is a privilege not a right!