Given the high level of interest in the Metal Shop project under way now, the Recreation Centers of Sun City West is providing an informational update for members.

The Metal Shop Building Addition Project is the result of a two-year discussion, approved by the Governing Board to resolve easement and safety issues. The project was needed to resolve 20-plus years of club growth and equipment use that had encroached on the adjacent, unapproved easement between the car wash and our existing Metal Shop building. The addition corrects violations by way of relocating the necessary equipment into a newly built, architecturally designed and county-approved location on the Metal Shop premises.

Capital Projects Manager Karl Wilhelm, in cooperation with Metal Shop leadership team, closed the Metal Shop in June 2021 to begin relocation of equipment and demolition of existing structures. That portion of the project was completed in late June.

Preparation of the site for new building components, in accordance with the general contractor’s schedule, began on July 6. Prior to breaking ground, Blue Stake and private utility locating services located the multiple primary electrical feeds, one uncovered outside of the 12-foot APS electrical easement boundary. This primary feed is currently located inconveniently under the future foundation’s footing and requires disconnect by APS, which must provide new design criteria for the primary feed.

An APS project representative provided the new design and specifications clearance on July 22. However, APS has made it clear to Mr. Wilhelm and the general contractor that the APS Planning Department is backlogged six weeks and cannot provide electrical disconnect until the week of Sept. 6-10.

As this delay is out of our hands, the Rec Centers asks residents to be patient as we overcome this delay. We are all eager to move forward and begin the construction project.