To encourage courteous interactions at all our facilities, the Recreation Centers of Sun City West is launching a “Be Kind” campaign in October.

Starting in the second week of October, members and guests will see banners at our facilities reminding everyone to simply “Be Kind.” For those who want to share the message, free pin-on buttons will be available at the check-in counters at the recreation centers, golf courses, R.H. Johnson Library and Sports Pavilion.

The campaign comes at the start of our busy season in an attempt to head off the increasing number of negative encounters that have been reported at our facilities. Residents and guests are reminded that aggressive language or behavior directed at staff (especially front-line employees) or other members and guests is prohibited by Policy L01, which states:

Policy L01

It is the Policy of the Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc. that all parties involved in any physical altercation or any other inappropriate or unsafe conduct on Association property may lose their privileges to utilize certain Association facilities and/or suffer other penalties.

1.1 This includes but is not limited to:
1.1.1 Sexual harassment or abuse, disruptive actions or gestures, or unsafe or threatening action.
1.1.2 Use of inappropriate language, i.e., profanity.
1.1.3 Interfering with the enjoyment and reasonable use of facilities by others.
1.1.4 Continuous failure to follow reasonable instruction or request from Association Staff.
1.1.5 Violation of State or Federal statutes and/or Association Governing Documents.
1.1.6 Refusal to promptly pay fee or fine.
1.1.7 Any repeated voluntary or involuntary, action by any Association Owner Member, Associate Member, tenant or guest that jeopardizes the health, safety or security of themselves or other users of the Association facilities.

Members who have an issue or concern with an Association policy, the staff’s enforcement of that policy, or another non-emergency issue, may address those concerns with the facility manager and/or fill out a Member Comment Form.

Member Comment Forms are available at all facilities and online. They are the best way to get a direct answer from the appropriate staff. In addition, these forms are logged and trends can be identified and addressed. All Member Comment Forms are read by the General Manager and shared with the Governing Board after managers have addressed them.