Press Release


Rec Centers explains Prop 207’s impact on SCW

With the passage of Proposition 207, which legalizes marijuana for private use under specific regulations in the state of Arizona, the Recreation Centers advises its members of the following:

1. Smoking or growing marijuana on Association property is prohibited. This includes inside club rooms (including the greenhouse and agricultural fields), recreation facilities or on Association-owned outdoor space such as the golf courses, walking tracks and Beardsley Park.

2. Growing marijuana outside is essentially prohibited as the law requires cultivation to be inside a closet, room, greenhouse or other enclosed area on the grounds of a residence equipped with a lock or other security device. Cultivation also must be in an area where the plants are not visible from public view without use of binoculars, aircraft or other optical aids.

3. All sets of CC&Rs throughout the community prohibit the building of outdoor greenhouses, sheds and other such buildings on private property.

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