Residents! Do you attend services at a Sun City West church or house of worship? Would you like to see your church better connected within the community?

We need your help! Rec Centers’ officials are hosting a gathering for Sun City West spiritual leaders from 1 to 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 11, in the Rec Centers’ Governing Board Conference Room, 19803 R.H. Johnson Blvd. We are seeking parishioners’ assistance in reaching those leaders. Please share this article with those who you feel need to be part of this dialogue!

You’re probably wondering why the Rec Centers are getting involved with the churches. The answer is quite simple actually – Sun City West is aging and changing. Change on the part of residents requires change on the part of those organizations that serve them. The Rec Centers want to ensure that the most important element of this community – our people – remain connected and engaged. An involved citizenry benefits everyone and every organization, including the Rec Centers!

We constantly address the impact of changing demographics, in the music and entertainment tastes of our residents, the clubs they enjoy, and the working status of many newcomers. We have adjusted to continue meeting the needs of our residents – the current Space Utilization project is a prime example. Golf trends and volunteer opportunities are another. Younger generations participate in all these activities, but they participate differently, and we must change to accommodate them or risk losing relevance.

The churches are no different. Over the last several years, we have been approached by church leaders and parishioners worried about their numbers dropping.  How do they connect and communicate with a new generation? We’ve also been involved with organizations struggling to reach out to our most elderly population, many of whom find that church is the last activity they enjoy before becoming disconnected completely from the community.

We don’t want any of our residents to become invisible. We want to assist them in being active and involved. We have an ever-expanding assortment of activities and clubs. Churches have a wide variety of available and programmable space. We both have connections with area non-profits that can assist.

Our June 11 meeting is an opportunity to start a dialogue with our churches and begin brainstorming ways to help each other, but more importantly, to help our residents.

So residents – let your religious leaders know about this partnership opportunity. Pastors, preachers and rabbis, mark the date on your calendars! To ensure we have space availability, please RSVP by Wednesday, June 5, by calling Dick at 623-544-6120. We will have a light agenda, but the Rec Centers hopes to primarily act as a facilitator and let our area religious leaders brainstorm and share ideas and concerns.

These connections and dialogue can only make us a stronger Sun City West! Please join us!