The weather is nice, and the golf courses are inviting for a bike ride, walk/run, golf cart ride, fishing, swimming, etc.  Golf Operations’s goal is to keep everyone safe!  Everyone includes, but not limited to, the golf maintenance crews who are out before sunrise, golfers playing at dusk and other approved construction/utility crews (non-golfers) The RCSCW Golf Courses are for GOLF ONLY!

Trespassing is defined as anyone on Golf Course property at any time, day or night, that has NOT checked in at the pro shop and paid the daily green fees.  Please always remember to have your receipt from the pro shop while playing in case you are stopped or questioned.  “No Trespassing” signs like above are located throughout all the courses.

The courses are busy places all day.  Golf course maintenance has begun and when a course is closed, it is especially important to obey the No Trespassing policy.  Heavy equipment is used during these closures and there are a lot of workers on the courses doing a variety of tasks including, but not limited to, cart path repairs.  Courses that are open or closed have sprinklers going off various times day or night.  The courses have many degrees of elevation changes that increase the risk of falling and tripping without proper lighting and equipment.  Then there is the wildlife factor of coyotes, bobcats, etc.

Please note that even though RCSCW members pay rec fees, it doesn’t give them authorization to be on any of the RCSCW golf courses nor ownership of golf course property.  The golf course should never be used for access to the back of a homeowner’s property that is located on the golf course without prior approval.

All golfers/individuals MUST have permission to enter private property to retrieve golf balls!!!  Golfers ARE RESPONSIBLE for damage to private property.

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West have several walking trails and dog parks for your convenience.  Please visit for more information.  You may find cycling routes and Urban Trail guides under “Things to Do” then “Health and Fitness”.

Your cooperation and respect of the “No Trespassing” policy is greatly appreciated.  We encourage your participation in sharing this information with your fellow residents.

To report trespassing, concerns or for more information, please contact us at

Again, please remember safety first!

RCSCW Golf Operations