Even during this pandemic, the Rec Center staff is still working hard and making sure all of our facilities are in tip-top shape for when they reopen to the public. Check out some of the ongoing projects down below. This page will be updated on a regular basis so be sure to come back and see what we’re working on!  

Update 9/1/20: The Beardsley parking lot seal and stripe project incorrectly had the wrong start date of Sept. 24 and 25. The correct dates are Sept. 14 through 18. 

Recreation Centers

Latest updates (9/3)
  • R.H. Johnson Large Dog Park Renovation: The french drain has been installed. Light pole foundations, electrical trenching, shade canopy installation are in progress.
Check out the latest photos from R.H. Johnson!

Pictured below: Images from the R.H. Johnson Large Dog Park Renovation.

Latest update (9/3)
  • Beardsley Sagebrush/Photography Club/Ops Office Flooring Replacement: Project was completed Aug. 27.
Upcoming Beardsley project start dates:
  • Beardsley Arts & Craft parking lot seal & stripe – Sept. 14 through 18 
Check out the latest photos from Beardsley!

Pictured below: Beardsley Arts and Crafts Flat Roof Restoration.

Latest Update (9/3)
  • Palm Ridge Summit Hall Hardwood Floors Screen and Seal: Screen (sanding) is complete. Sealing is in progress and in the drying phase until Aug. 30.
Check out the latest photos from Palm Ridge!

Pictured below: Palm Ridge Activity Center Hallway Carpet Replacement.

Latest Update (9/3)
  • Parking Lot Addition: Final concrete, pre-asphalt and compaction are in progress.
  • Craft Room Addition: HVAC rooftop units and windows are installed. Drywall hang/tape/mud are complete. Tile roofing rework, door installation, ceramic tile and painting are in progress.
  • Courtyard Renovation: Radiant heaters have been installed. Pavers, fireplace and decorative iron are in progress.
  • Locker Room – Men’s/Women’s Shower Renovation: Tile and grout are in progress in the men’s showers. Tile work in the women’s showers is in progress.
  • Storage Room Addition: Drywall is complete. Painting is in progress.
Check out the latest photos from Kuentz!

Pictured below: Craft Room Addition, Men’s/Women’s Shower Renovation, New Kuentz Signage, Kuentz Spa Remodel.