The Rec Centers is excited to announce the return of last year’s very popular “Santa’s Letters” for the grandchildren of Sun City West residents. 

Last year’s program was a home run and the Rec Centers is pleased to give this holiday gift to the Sun City West residents and spread some holiday cheer! 

The Events Department will run “Santa’s Letters” from Tuesday, Oct. 12, to Tuesday, Nov. 23. During this time, parents and grandparents can pick up and fill out a quick questionnaire about each individual child. Questionnaires are available at the R.H. Johnson Box Office, 19803 N. R.H. Johnson Blvd, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. We will have a sample letter available so you can see Santa’s work. You can also find the questionnaire and sample letter on the Sun City West calendar at, just click on Tuesday, Oct. 12, and look for “Letter from Santa.”

Sometime during December, your grandchildren will receive a letter from Santa based on the questionnaire you filled out. These letters will actually be postmarked from the North Pole. 

Some important items to remember:

  • Please fill out a questionnaire for each individual child, even if they are in the same family!
  • Please make sure the mailing address is clear and legible!
  • Please make sure your questionnaires are turned in by Tuesday, Nov. 23. Last year we had more than 300 letters.
  • Our elves must work quickly to get these up to Santa.
  • No letters will be accepted after Tuesday, Nov. 23!

Resources for Santa Letters

Questionnaires are also available to pick up at the RHJ Box Office if you are unable to print at home