Governing Board President


The news is out! Our long time General Manager Mike Whiting has announced his retirement date, Feb. 1, 2019. He chose that date because it represents 50 years in the business of helping people have fun in recreational pursuits. An admirable acknowledgement to say the least!

But that begs the question: What now? Well, the Recreation Centers of Sun City West’s bylaws are very instructive about what now.

The Governing Board president (with consent of the Board) is charged with appointing a Search Committee made up of Governing Board and community members (a minimum of seven), one of whom is appointed as chairperson. The committee is tasked with conducting a national search to find at least three candidates for the Governing Board to consider as the new General Manager.

I am very pleased to announce that Terry Hamman, a past Governing Board president, has agreed to serve as the chairperson for the Search Committee. Joining Terry from the current Board will be George Kutchyak and Tim Hurley. The remainder of the committee will be made up of community members who will be named in the next several days.

So, Mike is retiring! But life goes on and because most of us have retired, we can feel empathy for Mike as he moves to the next chapter in his life. We will certainly miss him. He has proven himself a very good advocate for our community, and I am happy to say he has become a friend.

We also will move on as a community. I am reminded that William Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army, following a very successful event said to those assembled: “That and better will do.”

Mike has set the standard for our Rec Centers. We will build on the great work that Mike has done because I also believe “that and better will do!”

I will keep you posted as developments occur.