Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc. 




 Date:               November 25, 2019

To:                  RCSCW Governing Board

From:             William Schwind, General Manager

Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – November 25, 2019


Facility Projects: (Karl)

  1. Palm Ridge Stained Glass/Computers West Club Renovation is in progress – Stained Glass Room Update –  The drywall, paint, millwork, HVAC trim, sprinklers, and grid ceiling are complete.  Electrical trim, countertop measurement and flooring are in progress.  We expect this project to be completed 12/31/19.  Computers West Room – Drywall hanging, tape, mudding and low volt electrical rough are complete.  Drywall texturing and painting are in progress.  We expect this project to be completed sometime around mid-January 2020.


  1. Kuentz Master Gas Meter – Southwest Gas approved and signed the Easement Agreement for the work at Kuentz. They provided us with the Contract and a check request so they can begin scheduling the installation date.


  1. Staff has scheduled a Kuentz Master Plan with the Vendor for Monday afternoon.


Facility Maintenance:  (Russ)

  1. The Events Staff Office remodel has been completed and they have moved back to the Palm Ridge Facility.


Recreation:  (David)

  1. Last week we met with Management from Waxie, our new cleaning supply vendor to discuss the slow transition regarding product changeover and the initial ordering approval process for the ordering of product. We held training for all staff on cleaning techniques on showers and day-to-day cleaning.  A new product was introduced for deck cleaning.


  1. Bookings with Reflective Enterprises Personal Training were at 46 the first week of November, 50 by the end of the second week and 56 the third week of November. They currently have 4 trainers and plan for additional trainers as the need arises.


Recreation Activities:  (Riley)

  1. If you are looking for information on CC&Rs, take a moment to check out our web page and FAQs using this link: .


  1. As our population moves back into Sun City West for the winter, the number of CC&R complaints being submitted has increased. Despite the increase in CC&R cases submitted, the CC&R Department has been able to keep the “open cases” to about 63.


  1. Riley has submitted the proposed CC&R Budget for FY20/21 to management.


  1. We have renewed our Movie License for 2020.


  1. We are assisting in the rewriting of the Agriculture Club Bylaws and will schedule a meeting with the Club to discuss the same.


  1. Stained Glass Club has requested a meeting with Management regarding their new space.


  1. We will be talking with the current President and Officers of the Deer Valley Men’s Golf Club about the inability to attract Officers from their Club membership.


Village Store:

  1. Sales at the Village Store were very good this past Saturday. We are open on “Black Friday”, Nov. 29 and will have three employees covering overlapping shifts for that day as we expect it to be busy.


  1. We will work on pulling Club Items for November after Thanksgiving so there are more items for sale on display.


  1. Village Store Manager Katie Van Leuven will be doing a radio Interview on KSCW 103.1 to talk about the Store and the upcoming Christmas Season.


Sports Pavilion:

  1. We will be holding a $2 per game children’s day on Friday, Nov. 29 for visiting grand children and their grandparents the day after Thanksgiving.


  1. The First Annual Bowling No-Tap Event is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 27. Check at the front desk for more information.


General Services:

  1. The Election Committee continues working on the Governing Board Election scheduled for March 30th of 2020. Petitions for those interested in running for the Board were available for pickup from the Governing Board Executive Assistant beginning Nov. 4, 2019.  All Petitioning Packets must be turned in no later than January 6, 2020 by 3:00 p.m.


  1. We held 2nd Interviews for the new Library Director and have made an offer to one of the candidates.


  1. The Rec. Centers is joining a Phoenix Radio Station (KSLX 100.7) in their effort to collect holiday cards for our troops to show them how much Sun City West supports them. We encourage anyone interested to fill out as many holiday cards as you like with words of encouragement, thanks and positive messages to these heroes.  Envelopes are not required as that will be taken care of by the Program’s organizers.  Drop off your cards to the Receptionist in the RH Johnson Administrative Building by 3 p.m. on Wed., Nov. 26.  For more information on this event you can visit


  1. Through the SCW Consortium and as Community Partners we are sponsoring Happy, Healthy Holiday, an Interactive Wellness Event on Friday, December 13 from 9 a.m. until Noon in the Sun City West Foundation Webb Room. There will be information  on Acupuncture Education, Blood Pressure Checks, Fire Prevention and many Holiday Activities to participate in.  Space is limited.  To register, visit and click on ‘Healthy Living Classes” or call (623) 207-1703.


  1. The deadline for submittals for the January 2020 issue of the Rec, Center News is Friday, 12-6-19. The December issue is scheduled to be out on Wednesday, Nov. 27.


RHJ Library:

  1. The Library will be closed on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 28 and 29 but will reopen on Saturday, Nov. 30.


  1. This Saturday, Nov. 30, the Library will have a Thanksgiving Story Time for young children and their families at 10:00 a.m. After listening to the stories, we will have all the supplies on hand for the kids to make a simple craft.


  1. Last Friday 11 members of the Grandview Terrace Book Club toured of the library.


Financial Services:

  1. We are working with Staff on the FY 20-21 Budget and Reserve Study.


  1. Several items will affect Operating Expenses including open positions we have not been able to fill along with State mandated minimum wage increases.


  1. Our Cell Tower consultants suggested revisions to our Cell Tower Agreements which would benefit the Association. We will be reviewing the rate of return on all options.


  1. We have an income opportunity with the way our account fee credit is handled through JP Morgan Chase Bank.


  1. We have scheduled a Reserve Analysis Presentation at the Governing Board Workshop in mid-January 2020.



  1. So far for the month of November 2019 we are at 72 APFs with 8 refunds for a total of 64 APF Fees. Total number for the month of  November 2018 was 86.  We need an additional 22 to meet last year’s numbers.  There are currently 6 to be entered into the system and 5 days left in the month.  If we do not meet last year’s numbers for Nov., we may be behind for the month but would still be ahead for the fiscal year.


  1. The updated photo taking for November has been a little slower than expected but the busiest months of Dec, Jan. and Feb. are quickly approaching.


Events Planning:

  1. Our next Culture Series Event with T. A. Burrow is scheduled for Wed., Nov. 27, 2019 at 5 p.m. on the RHJ Great Lawn. We are hoping the weather cooperates as there is rain in the forecast.  Unfortunately, this event has been rained out twice in the recent past.  No tickets required for this event.


  1. Tickets for “Spring Fest”, March 14 through March 16 are SOLD OUT


  1. Save the date 3-7-20 for our “BBQ Taste of Paradise Challenge” which is a Southwest National BBQ Competition.  To date we have about 33 competitors, many committed sponsorships, Woodshop/Metal Club in-kind sponsors for trophies and awards.    This event takes place in the R.H. Johnson Parking Lot on March 7, 2020.  The RHJ parking lot will be blocked off beginning Thursday 3-05-19 through Sunday 03-08-19.


  1. Tickets went on sale at the Box Office for Breakfast with Santa on Tuesday, Nov. 5. This event is scheduled for Dec. 21, 8:30 a.m. at Beardsley.


  1. Tickets are still available now for our Holiday Show, Uptown Angels & MacDougal Street West scheduled for Dec. 11 at Palm Ridge, 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. Tickets are still available for both the 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. shows.


Human Resources:

  1. Employees are reminded that Open Enrollment began on Nov. 19 and runs through Dec. 5.


  1. We received 10 applications for the HR Manager’s position for consideration.


Golf Operations:

  1. For the first 23 days of Nov., due to the prolonged rain, we are behind in rounds and revenue vs. prior year. Revenue is currently down 11% and rounds are 7% down.  The rainout on Wednesday and Thursday of last week cost us approximately 1,450 rounds of golf.  About 1.5” of rain is also forecast for this week from Wednesday through Friday.


  1. The World Handicap System Seminar is scheduled today at the R.H. Johnson Lecture Hall. We expect roughly 90+ golf club administrators/officers from around the East Valley.  The Seminar starts at 9 am and continues until 12:30 pm  Derek McKenzie of the Arizona Golf Association will be giving a PowerPoint Presentation on the changes scheduled to take place on January 1, 2020.


  1. The Grandview Pro Shop Open House was held on Friday, Nov. 22 from 3 pm to 7 pm. Merchandise specials, free appetizers and snacks were the main draw for the afternoon.  Pro shop sales increased 250% over prior year.  Even though the weather was not the best, we still had a nice turnout for this event.


  1. The 2nd and final Player’s Assistant Class for CPR Training was weld on Monday at 9 am at Fire Station 103 (Deer Valley & 135th). This completes staff AED Training and the CPR refresher course.


  1. The four golf courses open on Thanksgiving Day this year are Deer Valley, Grandview, Stardust and Trail Ridge.


Environmental Services:

  1. Golf Course Maintenance Over-Seeding Update
  • Grandview greens continue to improve every day. These areas were seeded several times last week and staff will continue to seed as needed.  This was due to the wind blowing seed off the greens during over-seeding.


  • Rainfall totals from last week’s storm were 2.25” on average across our seven golf courses. Last Wednesday we had cart path restrictions on all courses, Deer Valley was closed.  Last Thursday there were cart path restrictions on all courses all day with Deer Valley being closed and on Friday there were cart path restrictions all day on all courses.


  • Another storm system with significant rainfall is forecast to affect the area late Wednesday through Friday afternoon of this week.


  • We expect possible frost delays this coming weekend due to colder weather.


  1. Landscape Maintenance:


  • Beardsley Park new opening date is set for Monday, December 2.


  • 50 more Live Oak trees are scheduled to go in on Stardust Blvd. next week.


Upcoming Events

November Upcoming Events

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Culture Series – T.A. Burrows Wednesday Nov 27, 2019 RHJ Great Lawn 5pm No tickets needed

Current / Upcoming Ticket Sales

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Cary Long – Comedian Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm December 3, 2019
Troubadour Experience Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm December 3, 2019
Holiday Show – Uptown Angels & MacDougal Street West Wednesday, December 11, 2019 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
Breakfast with Santa – SCW residents only Saturday, December 21, 2019 Beardsley 8:30am Available Now

Box Office only

New Year’s Eve Dance Tuesday, December 31, 2019 Palm Ridge 7:30pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Uptown Thursday, January 9, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Shashaty Thursday, February 13, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Jump Jive & Wail Thursday, February 27, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Aretha Thursday, March 12, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Ping Brothers Friday, January 10, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Tod Oliver & Friends Friday, January 24, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – AZ Trio Friday, February 7, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – Adel Experience Friday, February 21, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – Black Market Trust Friday, March 6, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Fair Child Blues Friday, March 20, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
Vox Fortura Tuesday, January 14, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
Voyager – Journey Tribute March 13, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT
One of These Nights – Eagles Trib March 14, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT
Mirage – Fleetwood Mac Trib March 15, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT



Spring Fest



BBQ – SCW BBQ Taste of Paradise Challenge

SAVE THE DATE – March 7, 2020 – Attached


Ticket Sales

November 25, 2019

Show Location Tickets Sold % Date of          Event
Holiday Show                            3PM Palm Ridge 236 29% 12/11/2019
Holiday Show                            7PM Palm Ridge 329 41% 12/11/2019
Breakfast with Santa Beardsley 338 33% 12/21/2019
New Year’s Eve Dance Palm Ridge 290 67% 12/31/2019
Top Hat – Uptown                     3PM Palm Ridge 569 71% 1/9/2020
Top Hat – Uptown                     7PM Palm Ridge 777 97% 1/9/2020
Cruise Ship – Ping Brothers Palm Ridge 794 98% 1/10/20120
Vox Fortura                                3PM Palm Ridge 146 18% 1/14/2019
Vox Fortura                                7PM Palm Ridge 270 33% 1/14/2019
Cruise Ship – Todd Oliver and Friends Palm Ridge 800 100% 1/24/2020
Cruise Ship – The Arizona Trio Palm Ridge 800 100% 2/7/2020
Top Hat – ShaShaty                 3PM Palm Ridge 509 63% 2/13/2020
Top Hat – ShaShaty                 7PM Palm Ridge 714 89% 2/13/2020
Cruise Ship – Adele Palm Ridge 800 100% 2/21/2020
Top Hat – Jump Jive Wail        3PM Palm Ridge 519 64% 2/27/2020
Top Hat – Jump Jive Wail        7PM Palm Ridge 739 91% 2/27/2020
Cruise Ship – Black Market Trust Palm Ridge 758 94% 3/6/2020
Top Hat – Aretha                      3PM Palm Ridge 546 68% 3/12/2020
Top Hat – Aretha                      7PM Palm Ridge 769 95% 3/12/2020
SPRING FEST – Voyager Beardsley 2400 100% 3/13/2020
SPRING FEST – Take it to the Limit Beardsley 2400 100% 3/14/2020
SPRING FEST – Mirage Beardsley 2400 100% 3/15/2020
Cruise Ship – Fairchild Blues Tribute Palm Ridge 800 100% 3/20/2020

Subscriptions No Longer Available

2020 Cruise Ship Subscriptions 7PM Palm Ridge 700 100% Dates Vary
2020 Top Hat Subscriptions 3PM Palm Ridge 481 68% Dates Vary
2020 Top Hat Subscriptions 7PM Palm Ridge 694 99% Dates Vary


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