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Name Date Course Hole Yards Club
Adrienne Olson 6-11-20 Deer Valley 5 140 driver
Tesha Crelley 6-11-20 Echo Mesa 3 84 wedge
Linda Lambert 6-16-20 Deer Valley 2 112 9 iron
James J O’Neil 6-17-20 Echo Mesa 16 142 4 hybrid
Thomas Nance 6-18-20 Echo Mesa 8 133 5 hybrid
Bob Bauchman 6-23-20 Trail Ridge 5 168 6 iron
Dan Makowsky 6-24-20 Echo Mesa 6 130 8 iron
Mary Lou Irons 6-26-20 Echo Mesa 12 101 8 iron
Mike Dmitriev 6-29-20 Echo Mesa 12 150 6 hybrid


Sun City West Golfers,
We are glad to have everyone back playing the Sun City West golf courses!  We understand that everyone is enjoying great course conditions and the improved pace of play due to the one golfer per cart rule.  However, with the additional cart traffic comes more wear and tear on the course that can result in long term damage and unfavorable playing conditions if we are not careful.  There has been a lot of abuse of cart rules since we reopened on May 4th.
In order to keep great course conditions, we need ALL golfers to do their part.  Please help us in keeping our golf courses in great shape by following these cart rules:
1)  Stay on and return to cart path as often as possible
2)  Use the 90 degree cart path rule whenever it makes sense
3)  Stay on cart paths around tees and greens
4)  Carts should never drive between a green side bunker and the green
5)  If a cart is on the opposite side of the green from cart path, the cart should be 15′ for medical flag players and at least 30′ from green for all other golfers.  If you are on the cart path side of the green, you should return to the cart path and park the cart on the path.  Carts around the green is where we see most of the damage to the golf course.
6)   Stay out of desert as much as possible, enter at your own risk.  Fleet carts are not allowed in the desert.
7)  If someone in your group is not following the above rules, remind them!  Old habits die hard!
What happens to the turf from cart damage:
All vehicles cause turf damage. This includes motorized golf carts, pull carts, and maintenance vehicles. Some of the damage may not be visible for days or even weeks as a result of the effects of soil compaction. Wet turf is more susceptible to cart damage so early morning traffic should take extra precautions versus when the courses start to dry out later in the day.
Vehicle traffic has the greatest impact on wear and soil compaction due to the amount of area covered and the increased damage caused by repeated traffic over a concentrated area. Damage is further increased with a greater number of turns, a higher speed of travel, and the number of traffic that passes over a given area. Based on research, the main focus for minimizing the damage caused by golf carts should be on spreading traffic over a wider area or restricting golf carts to paths.  See what the USGA recommends about how golfers can help care for the golf courses during these special times by clicking here.  You may visit to find out more.
Walking the golf course and carrying your clubs impacts the golf course far less than pull or motorized carts based on the total amount of area impacted.  Pull carts impact the golf course less than motorized carts, but all carts impact the golf course more than walking. This is due to the smaller area contacted by foot traffic and the wheels of the pull cart.
Most of the damage caused by golf carts can be minimized when drivers use common sense and observe proper course etiquette. Each person driving a cart must be aware of the damage that vehicles cause and take steps to reduce that damage in order to preserve the condition of the course for all golfers.
In SCW, the quality of turf your ball is resting on is closely tied to the amount of exposed cart traffic in that area.  Follow the above cart rules and expect good lies.  Ignore the rules and your lie will surely be something other than good!
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and all our fellow golfers thank you!

90 Degree Rule - Charles Schulz's favorite comic strips in full ...

Golf Ops is offering Geometry classes to refresh everyone’s memory of using a protractor  to measure 90 degrees…..just kidding.

90-Degree Rule In Effect The “90-degree rule” means that the golf course is allowing carts onto the grass — but only at 90-degree angles from the cart path. In other words, don’t drive the golf cart up the middle of the fairway from the tee box to your golf ball. Stay on the cart path until you are level with your golf ball, then make a 90-degree turn off the cart path and drive straight across to the ball.
The “90-degree rule” minimizes the time a golf cart spends rolling over the grass, while still allowing convenience for golfers.

Mask Required in all RCSCW Pro Shops

Free Printable COVID-19 Coronavirus Signs & Posters | Plum Grove

Hello Everyone,

Please note, effective Tuesday, June 16, 2020, BOTH staff and customers are required to wear a mask while inside the pro-shop area.
Click on the dates for the latest press releases Friday, June 12. and Monday, June 16.
Here is a list of other requirements for golfers at all RCSCW pro-shops:
  • Maximum of 4 customers in the pro-shop at one time.
  • Six-foot social distancing needs to be adhered to as much as possible.
  • No congregating at any time while on golf course property.
  • Single cart riders only during the round.  The only exception are couples living in the same household may ride together.
  • Keep carts 30 feet from greens and tee boxes (keep carts on path near these areas) and use cart path as much as possible.  This will help the condition of the golf course.
  • Golfer may call pro-shop and pay green fees over the phone with either member credit or credit card.  This is available at all golf courses.
  • 10-minute tee time intervals are still in effect.
Please everyone stay safe, healthy and happy!
Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.
Take care, RCSCW Golf Operations

RCSCW Golf Courses Reopening Guidelines

Hello Everyone,

Finally, we are reopening for all players!  I hope this e-mail finds everyone healthy.  With everything going on, things are constantly changing so stay patient and stay informed.

It has been announced we are opening to all players.  Due to COVID-19, when we reopened on May 4, we only opened to our members.  We are happy to announce this coming Monday, June 8, we will reopen to guests of members and public players.  The Press Release about the latest reopening timelines of the RCSCW facilities may be found here.  The two golf courses that will remain closed until October are Pebblebrook and Desert Trails.  We have also started our summer course maintenance.  Please click here to see the maintenance schedule for other course closures.

The Golf Operations staff is excited to have all golfers on the courses, but the reality is that we are not back to normal.  We will still have precautions and safety measures put in place so we can help everyone enjoy our favorite pastime.

Items and timelines to be aware of as we move forward in getting back to quasi-normal:

The Starters at each pro shop will be available to help you place money on your member account, answer questions, and book tee times.  This will complement the new credit card or member credit only procedures for green fee and cart fee payment.  NO CASH will be taken or be available to make change for the range ball machine.  Purchasing a range ball key might be a good way to go. They are $90 for $120 worth of balls.

Please note, tee times will be available for Members by calling the pro shop, online six days in advance or via lottery 7 days in advance.  All lottery requests need to be submitted online or by paper by 1:00 p.m. one week in advance of date of play.  All paper lottery slips must be brought to Golf Operations, located at Pebblebrook Golf Course, no later than 1:00 p.m. 7 days in advance.  Public Player tee time reservations may be made 4 days in advance by calling any of our open pro shops.  Each pro shop has access to all open tee sheets.

Ladies’ and Men’s League started the first week of May. No shotguns or double tee starts will be used as this helps with social distancing.

To conform to the 6’ physical separation guidelines that the CDC has recommended, the number of people in the pro shop will be limited to any staff and a maximum of 4 customers. Please follow the directions of the Starter.  Golfers may call the pro shop the day of play to check in using a credit card or member credit. When the player arrives at the golf course just let the starter know you are there for your tee time. Ten-minute tee times have been implemented until further notice to help assist with the distancing compliance throughout the day. We are asking everyone to please refrain from congregating outside the pro shop, driving range and throughout the golf course. The responsibility to comply will fall on the individual golfer/group play/league play participants.  Failure to comply could result in loss of golf/RCSCW privileges as well as removal of groups from the schedule.

Prepackaged food, beverages and merchandise are available for sale in the pro shops.  Canned beer, bottled soda, water, candy bars, chips, etc.  However, please note that all sales are final!  No refunds at this time.  Please remember, no outside alcohol is allowed to be brought on golf course property.  Violation of this policy may result in the loss of the RCSCW’s liquor licenses. 

One rider per cart will be the rule.  Golf carts will be available for rent. $12 for 18 holes and $6 for twilight until June 30, 2020.  Rental carts will be sanitized after each use.  Walking is allowed but the golfer will either be carrying the bag or using a pull cart.  Pull carts are available for rent for $3.00.  Players will not be allowed to put their bag on a cart of a rider while walking.  The only people allowed to ride together will be couples/individuals living together. No exceptions!  Please stay on cart paths as often as possible.  No medical flags will be issued.  Be aware of the 30’ rule for those without medical flag needs and 15’ for those who would have medical flag usage.  No driving between green side bunkers and the greens.  This is something we all need to police each other on as it will determine the quality of our golf courses especially near tees and greens.

Driving ranges, practice putting greens and chipping areas will be open. Please refrain from congregating in these areas as well.

Rules on the golf courses will be the same as those we had in place at the time of closure:

Flagstick stays in hole – no need to touch flagstick

Spacer in hole to help with retrieving ball out of hole

No rakes, sand scoops, ball washers or club cleaners

On course bathrooms will be open

One cart per player now mandatory versus prior to closing

No medical flags to be issued

No tables or chairs will be available for golfers in the clubhouse or on the patio

Safety to our residents and employees is the key on all of this. Let us use our heads and keep everyone safe and healthy.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the golf course!

Pat O’Hara, PGA

Golf Operations Manager




Name Date Course Hole Yards Club
Dennis McCulloch 5-5-20 Trail Ridge 12 118 9 iron
Calvin H. Shirey 5-6-20 Echo Mesa 15 109 wedge
Janice Siudzinski 5-10-20 Grandview 8 96 6 hybrid
Frank Lopez 5-15-20 Stardust 14 150 driver
Conway Hanson 5-16-20 Grandview 15 150 3 wood
Chuck Italiano 5-17-20 Deer Valley 5 162 7 iron
Trevor Cornett 5-17-20 Echo Mesa 2 90 pw
Vicki Lee 5-19-20 Grandview 8 102 5 hybrid
Ed Chatham 5-20-20 Echo Mesa 11 110 7 iron
Emil Eriksson, Jr. 5-20-20 Trail Ridge 12 145 7 iron
Jerry Gorden 5-20-20 Deer Valley 17 124 8 iron
Robert Cepaitis 5-21-20 Grandview 12 120 7 iron
Donald Knoth 5-21-20 Trail Ridge 16 164 Cleveland hibore 4i
Sherry Skogrand 5-30-20 Stardust 5 106 7 hybrid



Name Date Course Hole Yards Club
Janine DeVita Elliott 4-2-20 Desert Trails 14 114 driver
Walt Mizinski 4-3-20 Echo Mesa 13 172 7 wood
Lynni Jaress 4-6-20 Stardust 7 150 3 wood
Maurice Tiahrt 4-7-20 Stardust 7 150 5 iron
Kay Cavanagh 4-7-20 Echo Mesa 12 101 5 iron
Claudia J. Moore 4-7-20 Echo Mesa 2 89 5 rescue
Jill Lienemann 4-9-20 Desert Trails 3 103 4 hybrid
Jim Wark 4-10-20 Grandview 15 150 6 iron
Michael Stoeck 4-11-20 Pebblebrook 8 117 pw
Steve Richmond 4-12-20 Pebblebrook 11 150 5 hybrid
Spiros “Sam” Karambelas 4-12-20 Echo Mesa 12 147 7 iron
Dorothy Gearhart 4-13-20 Echo Mesa 2 89 7 iron



Dear RCSCW Members,

Due to COVID-19 and the impact it has had in so many ways, we too are making changes for now and the future for various procedures and programs.  Effective since early April, all “paper” lottery slips will need to be taken to Golf Operations located at Pebblebrook Golf Course.  Golf Operations will have a marked drop box where you will be able to place your lottery requests outside of the office door.  We will not longer pick up lottery slips at each course now or in the future.  We are encouraging members to submit lottery requests online.

Now that we are requesting tee times to be done via phone or on-line, we are asking the same of lottery requests to be submitted on-line versus paper.  Lynn Watt in Golf Operations will be glad to assist you to get set up and provide instructions of the on-line procedures.  Printed instructions are also available in the pro shop kiosks.  Here are some helpful links for understanding how the lottery works and the instructions on how to submit a lottery request online:  UNDERSTANDING THE LOTTERY; ONLINE LOTTERY INSTRUCTIONS

Golf Operations is located at:  Pebblebrook Golf Course, 18836 N. 128th Ave. Sun City West, AZ  85375

Office hours are Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For assistance with on-line lottery requests, please contact:

Lynn Watt, Golf Operations Coordinator, 623-544-6037,


Linda Plastas, Golf Operations IT Trainer, 623.544.6558,



Name Date Course Hole Yards Club
Richard Klaczkiewicz 3-1-20 Echo Mesa 8 137 8 iron
Pamela Barnes 3-3-20 Desert Trails 14 114 driver
Mark Luhmann 3-3-20 Echo Mesa 16 139 6 iron
Ryan Rothenbach 3-4-20 Desert Trails 16 109 sw
Conway Hanson 3-6-20 Echo Mesa 13 172 driver
Valerie Carter 3-6-20 Echo Mesa 3 78 pw
Robin Gryphan 3-7-20 Desert Trails 3 103 7 iron
Chuck Bannitz 3-9-20 Pebblebrook 11 145 3 wood
David Debolt 3-10-20 Grandview 15 150 7 iron
Gary Thompson 3-10-20 Grandview 12 134 7 iron
Michael Flasch 3-12-20 Echo Mesa 6 126 wedge
John Cuillier 3-15-20 Stardust 2 135 9 iron
Lyle Rowland 3-16-20 Echo Mesa 11 101 maskie-niblick
Jack Luftman 3-16-20 Echo Mesa 13 164 3 wood
Dee Billedeaux 3-17-20 Echo Mesa 15 90 7 iron
Cornelia Dereemer 3-17-20 Echo Mesa 12 109 5 hybrid
Barry G. Sundet 3-20-20 Echo Mesa 3 112 9 iron
Patty Gingrich 3-21-20 Echo Mesa 3 76 9 iron
Kathleen Vlk 3-21-20 Echo Mesa 15 85 9 iron
Raymond VanBoskirk 3-22-20 Echo Mesa 2 89 A wedge
Bob Schultz 3-22-20 Desert Trails 14 138 7 iron
Kay Pittenger 3-26-20 Echo Mesa 12 101 5 iron
Earl O’Steen 3-27-20 Desert Trails 7 199 3 wood
John Comer 3-30-20 Echo Mesa 2 100 pw
Lois Weber 3-31-20 Desert Trails 17 83 9 rescue


SCW Golf Lab Golf Pros Contact Information

Sun City West Golf Lab

Sun City West Golf Lab

Need help with your golf game?  Here’s the contact information you need:
PATRICK O’HARA, PGA Professional and Manager of  RCSCW Golf Operations – 623-544-6499
MARK ADCOCK, PGA Professional and Manager of Pebblebrook and Stardust Golf Courses – 623-544-6470
***DAVE AREND, Golf Instructor & Equipment Specialist, Grandview Golf Course – 623-826-4874
NIBBY MUSSO, PGA Professional and Manager of Deer Valley, Echo Mesa and Trail Ridge Golf Courses – 623-544-6509
JACK SOMMERS, PGA Professional and Manager of Desert Trails and Grandview Golf Courses – 623-544-6637
MICHAEL WILLIAMS, PGA Professional and Golf Operations Special Events Assistant – 623-544-6555


Instruction Fees for Pat O’Hara, Mark Adcock, Nibby Musso, Jack Sommers and Mike Williams are as follows:
Golf Clinics – limited to 10 students and a minimum 6-1 instructor ratio is $15.00 per person per lesson for 1 hour of instruction.
Click here for the March Clinics Schedule
Private Instruction is available for $40.00 for 45 minutes of instruction.

Golf Fitting Appointments, Grandview Golf Course – 623-544-6606

***Please contact Dave Arend directly for Instruction fees as they are different from the above mentioned instructors.




From the GM: Why we’re temporarily closing golf

Bill_Headshot Sun City West2

If you recall, RCSCW made the decision several weeks ago to close its recreation facilities, except for golf courses. Our decision preceded our Governor and all university and national sports associations decisions to do the same.

 Our main decision to keep golf open is the fact that golfers do not require a shared physical object to play (a ball being handed back and forth). We took special precautions to ensure social distancing, making sure we adapted and removed most touchable items (flags, holes, rental carts, ball washers, rakes etc.) Yes, there was some early complaining but that grew mostly into thank you messages.

 Look at the situation since then. The Arizona numbers within Maricopa County are growing and we are being told that the peak is coming.

If a large wave, hurricane or tornado is approaching, do you not prepare and take cover?

I have learned over years of competition that winning requires a bit of defense to be played.

 What appears to be one of the saving graces from this virus is isolation, quarantine and hopefully warm sunny weather. Other countries severely impacted by this virus have adopted this type of stay at home behavior and things are improving and lives are saved.

 This is serious and we are managing as such.

 With the spread of this virus continuing to grow locally, we feel that the best thing for everyone to do at this time is to stay home.

 So far 14 states have specifically banned golf being played (California, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin), and the situation is ever-changing. In some cases, courses, clubs or resorts have opted to pause operations even if their states haven’t mandated it.

 A few days ago, our Governor made changes to his initial definition of essential services (beauty salons, manicures and tattoo parlors). I’m not certain that golf is too far behind.

 Dealing with the national trends, local health official data and a recent spike in activity, we made the decision to close for the safety of all.

 I golf, too, and I understand the frustration as I would rather be out there with you than doing a lot of other things.

 You can fault me all you want for making unpopular decisions, but those decisions are honest, transparent and defendable.

 You should not find fault in our Association’s attempt to keep members safe and protecting our employees from unnecessary harm.

 The best advice given to me is to “Stay At Home,” wash your hands and I hope to see you on the tee box soon.

 Stay safe –

 William Schwind
General Manager