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Sun City West recently named best retirement city in Arizona

Sun City West recently named best retirement city in Arizona recently released their list for the top nine cities in Arizona to retire in and Sun City West was named number one, ranking above other notable cities such as Sun City, Green Valley and Scottsdale. A special thank you goes out to all the residents, volunteers and staff members who help make Sun City West the gem that it is!

The full list can be found here.

Sun City West Posse can help monitor water leaks

Sun City West Posse can help monitor water leaks

Have you or your neighbor ever had a water leak?

Your Sun City West Posse can help watch out for both of you should something happen while you are away. However, it is important that the Posse has the information needed in order to help.

Be sure you and your neighbors register with the Posse by giving your name, address and phone number as well as the information for the person you designated as your key holder. That way should a Posse member on patrol notice a leak, that person will immediately call you or another individual you have designated. The Posse has noticed leaks in the past from irrigation systems to water flowing out of a garage or front door. 

A leak can be bleak. Don’t take a chance. Let the Posse help you avert potential disaster. Be sure we have your contact information by visiting the Posse building or calling 623-584-5808.

Village Store’s Featured Artist: Sue DeBrocke

Village Store’s Featured Artist: Sue DeBrocke

Village Store’s Featured Artist: Sue DeBrocke

Retiring in the summer of 2017, Sue DeBrocke wasted no time jumping into the world of fused glass when she joined the Copper Enamel and Glass Arts Club that same summer. Coming up on two years of retirement, Sue continues to enjoy making fused glass pieces, many of which she models after animals.

Sue starts her fused glass process by first drawing the animal she plans to design. With the use of a few reference photos and her natural drawing ability, Sue completes her drawing and moves onto the next step, the Gap method. The Gap method is an online tutorial created by Cristina Grumezescu that teaches a special method of fused glass making. Originally intended to make dishes, Sue learned the Gap method and modified it so she could make animals with the process. Next she places her animals into a kiln for eight hours until they are complete.

Once completed, many of Sue’s fused glass animals make their way over to the Village Store where they are placed on the shelves and walls of the store for residents and guests to purchase.

Outside of the fused glass animals she makes with the Copper Enameling and Glass Arts Club, Sue has also found herself creating and crafting with some of the other arts and crafts clubs, such as Toy-Ki Silver and the Lapidary clubs. Sue had also spent some time with the Stained Glass Club.

The Village Store, located at the R.H. Johnson Recreation Center, is home to many of Sun City West’s most unique and creative arts and crafts items. Ranging from jewelry and stained glass to quilts and sculptures, you can find a little bit of everything in the Village Store. Behind each item however is the story of the artist who created it.

Each item you see in the Village Store is crafted by one of Sun City West’s residents, all of whom partake in one or several of the chartered arts and crafts clubs. With so many talented individuals crafting the items you see in the store, the Village Store and the Recreation Centers of Sun City West Public Relations Department have teamed up to shine a light on the SCW artists who make the Village Store such a unique gem within our community.

Welcome to the first installment of the Village Store’s Featured Artist. Our first featured artist is Sue DeBrocke, a fused glass maker who has provided the Village Store with some of its most colorful and lifelike animals.    

Check out the SCW Clubs mentioned in Sue’s story

RCSCW Governing Board develops goals for 2019-20

RCSCW Governing Board develops goals for 2019-20

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West Governing Board has developed six goals for the new fiscal year.
The Board met July 2 in an all-day session, open to the community, and after discussing several issues that the Board will be dealing with in the 2019-20 fiscal year, came away with the following goals:
1. Reestablish the Board Development Committee as a special committee.
2. Continue the Bylaws Review.
3. Complete and review a Community Master Plan.
4. Update the Reserve Study and determine the acceptable range of risk.
5. Continue to improve Board visibility in the community.
6. Strengthen the Rec Centers’ relationship with PORA.
The Board will slow down in the summer as meetings are on hiatus now, but things will pick up starting in September as Committees begin forming and meeting
Meeting agendas, minutes and other Board information can be found at

Sun City West couple complete Golf magazine’s Top 100 courses

Sun City West couple complete Golf magazine’s Top 100 courses

Thank you to Sun City West resident Bill Lee and his wife Vicki for sharing this story.

Twenty years ago, Bill Lee stepped into retirement and decided to take up the game of golf alongside his wife Vicki. Bill’s brother Jerry, an avid golfer, was the one to encourage Bill to play golf and in order to spur him and his wife along, Jerry gave them a 1998 issue of Golf Magazine that listed the top 100 courses a golfer can play at. With that list of 100 courses, Bill made a map with flags pinned at every course’s location, a ball rack that could hold exactly 100 golf balls and embarked on a 20-year journey to visit every golf course on that list.

Twenty years later, on June 24, Bill Lee placed the final golf ball onto the ball rack he had build twenty years earlier. The ball rack now held 100 golf balls, one from each golf course on that 1998 Golf magazine list. With the placement of the final golf ball, the Sun City West couple had now completed the golf adventure they had set out on twenty years earlier.

While the couple ended their adventure with 100 golf balls, many souvenirs and a countless amount of happy memories, perhaps the biggest highlight of the trip was being able to hold the Ryder Cup trophy. While at the Golden Horseshoe Golf Club in Williamsburg, Va., the location of their 100th golf course, the manager of the golf club heard their story and let them hold the Ryder Cup trophy.

What’s next for the Sun City West couple? Bill and Vicki plan on going international and visiting Scotland next year to play a few of the courses located over there.

Sun City West Posse’s Welfare Check Program

Sun City West Posse’s Welfare Check Program

Ever feel responsible for someone else’s welfare? The Sun City West Posse’s Welfare Check program can help you.  They will check on a friend or loved one should you be unable to get in touch with them for some time. Just call the Posse at 623-584-5808, give us your name and contact number, the person’s name and address and we’ll head right out to check on them.

When the situation has been investigated you will be contacted and updated on what was discovered.  It could be as simple as the person’s phone not being connected or it could even be something serious. The Posse will let you know and inform you of any necessary action to take.

You can also provide additional help through the Residential Emergency Lockbox service. Encourage your friend or loved one to have one installed at their home. For the small fee of $50, Arizona Fire and Medical Authority will mount the box right next to the front door. A key to the house is locked inside and only AZ Fire and Medical has a special key to access the box. Having one will save a lot of time for them to access the house whether the emergency is a fire or medical situation. To have a lockbox installed, call 623-544-5400.

Your Sun City West Posse along with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Arizona Fire and Medical are a team working for you and those you care about.

Tour rec centers in July

Tour rec centers in July

Join Phil Dauterive for a tour of the Recreation Centers in June. Visit club room locations, plus see pools, exercise rooms and even where golf courses are located. All tours start at 9 a.m. – be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Here is a list of June tours:

Monday, July 15, Beardsley – Meet in front of Arts and Crafts Building off of 128th Avenue. Tour lasts 1 3/4 hours as we visit the Metal Club after.

Tuesday, July 16, Palm Ridge – Meet in front of pool building. Tour lasts one hour.

Wednesday, July 17, Kuentz – Meet in front of Stardust Theatre. Tour lasts one hour.

Thursday, July 18, R.H. Johnson – Meet in front of Social Hall. Tour lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours. (We visit ARC also)

Friday, July 19, Seven golf courses – Tour starts at Grandview Golf Course on Meeker in front of the Pro Shop and lasts 2 hours.

For questions contact Phil Dauterive at 623-544-6193.  

Volunteers needed at the R.H. Johnson Library

Volunteers needed at the R.H. Johnson Library

The R.H. Johnson Library is seeking Circulation Monitors and Volunteers.

 Circulation Monitors:

  • Should have some familiarity with computer functions including a computer mouse.
  • Will greet patrons and their guests.
  • Will check patrons and their guest into library.
  • Must be flexible, able to commit to an A.M. Shift (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) / P.M. Shift (12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.).
  • Should be able to sit for an extended period of time.

 Circulation Volunteers:

  • Should have some familiarity with computer functions including a computer mouse.
  • Ability to push carts laden with books and other materials.
  • Ability to reach overhead, stoop, shelve oversized books and other materials.
  • Must be flexible, able to commit to an A.M. Shift (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) / P.M. Shift (12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.).
  • Ability to alphabetize, some familiarity with the Dewey system, and to read small print spine labels.

Interested Residents stop by the R.H.J. Library for application.

RCSCW honored with PTI Award of Excellence

RCSCW honored with PTI Award of Excellence

The Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI) recently awarded the Recreation Centers of Sun City West with an Award of Excellence in the Slab-on-Ground category for the Rec Center’s 2018 renovation of the R.H. Johnson tennis courts.

Spanning more than seven months and costing $1.5 million, the 2018 renovation of the R.H. Johnson tennis courts resurfaced all 15 tennis courts with post-tension concrete slabs, providing a long-term solution to the crumbling and cracking the previous asphalt courts left. The renovation also provided residents with safe, playable and up-to-date tennis courts that will last for years to come.

Judged based on creativity, innovation, ingenuity and cost-effectiveness, the tennis renovation project left the 2019 PTI Project Awards competition with high remarks. A few comments left by the PTI jury praised the project’s use of post-tensioning for long-term durability as well as the high-end aesthetic appeal the project brought to the tennis courts.

Congratulations to everyone who was involved in this project as this award is a very high honor to have.

2019 Association annual membership meeting

Residents are invited to the Annual Membership Meeting at 9 a.m. Thursday, June 27, in Palm Ridge Summit Halls. This meeting is designated every year for members to share their thoughts and concerns on any RCSCW issues. No postcard will be sent to households this year as the notice in the home-delivered Rec Center News will serve that purpose. The agenda will be posted at 48 hours in advance of the meeting.