Sun City West residents, golfers and guests need to be aware of a new policy approved by the Governing Board for implementation July 1.

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West will be implementing a new guest policy and ID photo requirements at all check-in stations. This includes the four recreation centers, the seven golf courses, Sports Pavilion and library.

Approved by the Governing Board on June 5, the new policy will require all guests to be accompanied by the owner of the recreation card being used to sign in. Additionally, any owner presenting a card with an outdated photo, or missing a photo in the computer system, will be given one week to obtain an updated photo before the card is deactivated. Any annual golf cards purchased by the member will be deactivated at the same time; there will be no refunds or pro-rating of these cards while they are deactivated. It is the golfers’ responsibility to obtain an updated rec card within one week to prevent loss of these privileges.

The Board decided to update its policy to protect members’ investment in the community. The Association has seen an uptick in the number of outsiders becoming aware of Sun City West’s many amenities and attempting to use them without being legitimate members or guests. Members pay an annual fee to belong to the Rec Centers, and the amenities are reserved for use by them and their guests. Golf and bowling allow outside participation at a public rate, but the recreation centers and library are not open to the public.

Only Owners, Associates and Tenants may bring guests. In the past, guests could bring the member’s card to sign in. This will not be allowed starting July 1. Cardholders needing a medical or caregiver waiver may call Membership at 623-544-6100 for information about requirements to obtain such a waiver.

Recreation Cardholders must be in good standing to enter a facility or bring a guest. Cardholders are only required to be with the guest during the initial sign-in process each day. With the exception of the library, they are not required to stay for the duration of the guest’s visit unless the guest is under 16. Upon initial check-in and payment for the guests, the owner will be given a receipt, which the guests can then use for reentry to that facility or any other RCSCW facility, for that day only. Guests at the library must always be accompanied by a member, with the exception of paid services such as Virtual Reality and the Data Resource Center.

Cardholders who present an outdated photo will be notified by staff that they must obtain a new photo and a new rec card from Member Services. The outdated card will be logged, and the member will be given one week to visit Member Services to obtain their new card. There will be no charge for the updated photo and card, provided the member turns in his/her old card.

Outdated cards will be deactivated after one week, and members will not be able to use those cards to enter facilities or play golf at resident rates. This includes deactivation of any golf cards purchased by the member using the outdated card.