The Rec Centers would like to pass along the following message to the community from the RCSCW Environmental Services Manager concerning this year’s transition period from winter ryegrass to summer bermudagrass.

Each year the golf courses go through a transition period from winter ryegrass to summer bermudagrass. This usually starts during the month of May and can last through July.

The older golf courses such as Pebblebrook, Grandview, Stardust and Echo Mesa have what is called common bermudagrass. This type of grass tends to have a slower recovery period during transition.

The newer courses – Trail Ridge, Deer Valley and Desert Trails have 328-Tifgreen, which normally transitions better than the common bermudagrass.

This year’s transition looks to be a little more challenging than previous years, due to increased cart traffic from COVID-19 restrictions and lack of rainfall this past winter.

Staff will be addressing transition areas through fertilization, spot watering, aerification and sodding areas as needed.

This is always a challenging time for our superintendents and their staff. We appreciate your patience as we strive to give our members the best year-round conditions possible.

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