Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc.





Date:               May 21, 2018


 To:                  RCSCW Governing Board


From:             Mike Whiting, General Manager


Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – May 21, 2018


Facility Projects:

  1. RHJ Tennis Master Plan Phase 1 is in progress. We are installing the trench drain and the lighting is complete.


  1. The ARC Paint Booth Project floor drain installation has been completed. We are pouring back the removed foundation and prepping for the pour of the foundation additions scheduled for 5/28/18.


  1. Kuentz Stardust Backstage Restrooms Remodel is in progress. The floor tile work has been completed.  We are currently installing fixtures and painting the interior.


  1. H. Johnson Directional Signage concrete work is in progress. Benchwork will begin this week.


  1. The R. H. Johnson Tennis Restroom Expansion is in progress. We have started demolition and structural support prep work.


  1. H. Johnson Parking Lot 2 Seal and Stripe is expected to be complete on 5/22/18 including the Metal Shop rear storage lot.


  1. The R. H. Johnson Great Lawn Grill Area Lighting Addition Foundation was completed on 5/17/18. The lighting fixtures are scheduled to be delivered on June 25 and will be installed once received.  We are also planning to put pavers down by the grill area.


  1. The Grandview Parking Lot Micro Slurry seal and stripe completed 5/18.


  1. The R. H. Johnson Great Lawn Grill Area Lighting Addition Project started on 5/14/18.


  1. Maricopa County has approved all our signage. We now must take our request through the permitting process and have been requested to submit no more than three at a time.


Facility Maintenance:

  1. The warranty work needing to be done at the R. H. Johnson Pool is in progress. The pool was closed on Monday, 5/14/18 and will reopen on Tuesday, 5/22/18. The contractor will not address the dead palm tree issue at this point as there are 2 other palms that are questionable.  Once the status of the other 2 trees can be determined, the contractor will make arrangements to replace and replant as necessary.  The cost of renting the equipment to replace these large trees is very expensive and it is best to take care of it at one time and not have to re-rent the equipment at a later date.  Other than that, swim markers have been relocated, an acrylic coating has been applied to the pool deck ring, tile damage at the zero-entry area has been repaired and the small condensation leak in the heating flue has been addressed.  If the current fix to that flue is not successful, the vendor will have to do a bypass on the system.



  1. Our Summer Series Subscription tickets are $21.00 each and are already on sale on line and at the SCW Box Office. Individual tickets go on sale Tuesday, May 8 for our Summer Series Acts, June 11 (A Little Help from my Friends), July 9 (Johnny Cash Tribute) and August 13 (Peter, Paul & Mary Tribute). This year the Summer Series will be held at the Palm Ridge Recreation Center.


  1. Join us on Saturday, May 26 at the Palm Ridge Rec. Center for our Memorial Day show featuring the Westwind Harmony Chorus. Please note that the show is not actually on Memorial Day.  The Program starts at 1:00 p.m., doors open at 12:30 p.m.  This is a free event, but you will need tickets to attend.  You can receive two tickets per Rec. Card at the SCW Box Office located in the RHJ Administration Bldg. between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.


  1. Join us for our Sizzling Summer Lineup! These will be a series of smaller shows at the Lecture Hall this summer, one in July, two in August and one in September.  There will be two shows per day; 1pm & 3pm.  Tickets will be priced at $5 each, available at the RHJ Box Office.  The performers we have lined up are:


July 19  –  The Legend of Song, T. A. Burrows

Aug   9  –  The Kehlers

Aug 23  –  The Brass Quintet

Sept 13  –  String Quartet


  1. Katy and Kristie continue working on refreshing the TORCH Program, focusing on intergenerational issues, personality trait testing and leadership seminars among other items.


  1. We have sold over 2,200 tickets to our Fall Fest Event. As an interesting aside, we have found that 2,124 (or 94%) of those tickets were sold to Sun City West residents, about 1% of those tickets sold were to out of state address, most likely snowbirds from SCW, and 127 Tickets (or 5%) were sold to Surprise residents.


  1. We have made $90,000 in revenue from ticket sales for our 2019 Top Hat Series.


  1. Our Drone Policy is being revised by staff and the Association Attorney. This will allow us to set the rules and policy for the operation of drone equipment at our facilities.


  1. We had a meeting with Free Spirit Vacations last week to discuss a contract with them and the possibility of adding travel opportunities to what we already offer. We are also working on updating our contract with All Aboard America.


  1. The R. H. Johnson Pool will be reopened tomorrow following warranty maintenance.


Sports Pavilion:

  1. The results are in for our first Summer Bowling Tournament held on Sunday, May 20. 29 bowlers participated in this event which was attended by a packed housed! Congratulations go out to the winner, Gary LaPointe, and a big “Thank You!” goes out to the rest of the bowlers and the many spectators watching the match for making this a great event!


  1. Sunday’s Bowling Special brought in $560.


  1. The Arizona State Bowlerettes will be coming to our lanes for the first time in September 2018.


Village Store:

  1. The Village Store is closed on Saturdays until October 2018. On July 26 the Store closes for the summer for maintenance and any repairs needed.


General Services:

  1. We continue converting clubs to the new Divi Template and will continue this process through the summer. We started out with Clubs that have very little content on their websites and will notify clubs before they are going to be converted.  We will also offer group training sessions for each of the club’s content managers (formerly webmasters).


  1. We are working on revised training modules for the Fall 2018 TORCH Class. The new sessions will replace the team projects that have been used in previous TORCH Academies.  Please call the Governing Board Executive Assistant at 623-544-6115 for more details or to register.


  1. We are working to review implementation of an e-Commerce module through TEG that will allow members to purchase guest credits online in the same area they pay their annual dues. We would like to try and have it up and running before summer when grandparents host their grandchildren.


  1. We received 154 responses to the Activities Survey that is being conducted in conjunction with the Space Utilization Study. This same survey will come out in the June Rec. Center News.  Responses are being forwarded to the Committee and the survey will close June 15.
  2. Postcards for the notification of our annual meeting have been ordered. The cost for the mailing to all members is just under $7,000.  The annual mailing is required by state law; post cards will be delivered to all SCW homes over the next couple of weeks.



  1. The Friends of the Library Book Sale held at the Library last Saturday was a great success.


  1. Two virtual reality sessions were offered on Friday, May 11.  The next sessions will be offered on Friday, May 25.  We are currently taking registrations for June through October.


Financial Services:

  1. The RCSCW Governing Board will be voting on the FY18/19 Budget this Thursday at the May Governing Board meeting.


  1. As the Budget process comes to completion Tony and the Accounting group will continue working on Payroll/HR/Tracking System software and several other projects that are being considered.


Golf Operations:

  1. Golf revenue for the first 20 days of May was flat and we are down 150 rounds compared to the same time last year.


  1. We have been working with the Automobile Restoration Club (ARC) on setting up a fundraising tournament to be held on Echo Mesa Golf Course on March 23, 2019. More details will be provided as we get closer to that date.


  1. Staff has been very busy performing preventive maintenance on our golf carts.


  1. This will be the last time that George and Sharon Hodnick head up the Green Team that meets at Stardust Golf Course this weekend. George and Sharon have done a wonderful job with the Green Team and we thank them and wish them the very best no matter what they decide to do.  Golf Operations will be taking over the Green Team and the Hodnicks will help out whenever they can!  Thanks again for a job well done!


Environmental Services:

  1. Pebblebrook Golf Course reopens today following spring aerification. Grandview Golf Course reopened on Tuesday, 5/22/18 which wraps up spring aerification for this year!


  1. Stardust Golf Course will be closed for summer maintenance beginning Monday, May 28 and will reopen after overseeding on Tuesday, Oct. 16.


  1. We are making plans to replace the rock and plantings at the bottom of the RHJ Parking Lot along R. H. Johnson Blvd.


  1. Arizona Forestry Services will be coming to Sun City West to set up traps on our courses to determine if we have an insect called the Mediterranean Pine Engraver”. They have been known to do significant damage to stressed pines and were said to have last been in the Las Vegas area.


Human Resources:

  1. We asked Staff Managers and Supervisors to remind their employees of the new AZ Law “Click it or Ticket”. Previously law enforcement was not required to stop vehicles if the passengers were not wearing seatbelts, but they could issue seatbelt tickets secondarily if the car was stopped for something else.  Now law enforcement can stop vehicles to ticket drivers for not wearing their belts, so, BUCKLE UP!



Upcoming Events:       


May 2018

Sat May 26                                         Memorial Day show features Westwind Harmony Chorus

                                                            The Recreation Centers of Sun City West welcomes Westwind Harmony Chorus for a free Memorial Day Show at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 26, at Palm Ridge Rec Center, 13800 W. Deer Valley Road. Doors will open at 12:30 p.m. Note: the show is not on actual Memorial Day. Tickets are available to Sun City West residents – two tickets per rec card – at the R.H. Johnson Box Office, 19803 N. R.H. Johnson Blvd. There will be no online tickets. Westwind Harmony Chorus is an extraordinary group of women from the greater Phoenix area who gather in celebration of the art form known as barbershop music. The group can be heard throughout the year, singing for many civic and charitable organizations, private groups, churches, community events and fundraisers. They are members of Sweet Adelines International; which is a highly respected worldwide organization of women’s singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance. There are more than 600 Sweet Adeline Choruses in the U.S. and around the world

Mon June 11, July 9, & Aug 13       Beat the heat with cool Summer Series acts. With summer around the corner, it is time to find some fun, indoor events and the Recreation Centers of Sun City West has just the answer – the 2018 Summer Series. This year, the Summer Series will move to the Palm Ridge Rec Center, 13800 Deer Valley Drive. Series subscriptions are $21 per person and are on sale at or at the R.H. Johnson Box Office, 19803 R.H. Johnson Blvd. Individual event tickets are $10 and will be on sale beginning Tuesday, May 8. There will be no ticket refunds or exchanges. All shows are open to the public and begin at 7 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.

JUNE 11 A Little Help from My Friends – Beatles Cover “With A Little Help from My Friends” is a three-piece group performing a long list of your favorite Beatles songs, with all the bands wonderful harmonies. The group features three local Sun City West residents. Join Linda Marman, Ellie Chaffee, and Tim Polizzi for a trip down Beatles memory lane. You’ll hear early songs from “Meet the Beatles,” to “Rubber Soul” and “Sgt. Peppers,” all the way through “Abbey Road.” Tim has been featured as a guitarist, pianist and vocalist with several rock bands in California and Arizona. He’s been a Beatles fan since they first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964. After relocating from California, he has been a Sun City West resident for the past six years. Ellie Chaffee has been singing as long as she can remember in folk groups, choirs, wedding bands, and community theater musicals. A former teacher from Illinois, she is now a full-time Sun City West resident. After moving to Sun City West from Colorado, Linda Marman has continued in her musical pursuits as a member of several local groups. In addition to performing as a vocalist, she plays a variety of musical instruments including piano, guitar, mandolin and clarinet.

JULY 9 C Steve Music – Johnny Cash Tribute This 90-minute show opens with the distinct reminiscent “Boom Chicka Boom” sound as the rich, soulful, baritone vocal delivers the most identifiable Johnny Cash Song, “Folsom Prison Blues.” Your guests will be instantly captivated! They will yearn for more as the magical story about the greatest entertainer of the 20th century is about to unfold in song, recitation, humor and narrative. Crowd encouragement is the main priority as the presentation evolves performing more unmistakable No. 1 hit songs such as “Daddy Sang Bass” and “Ring of Fire.” Steve and Ken guarantee to deliver their tribute show in the most memorable possible way, using drums, upright bass, rhythm guitar and telecaster lead guitar. This show has had many sold-out performances and plenty of record-setting attendance to its credit. Many folks say: “If you close your eyes you would swear Johnny Cash was singing” or “I wasn’t really a Johnny Cash fan, but now I am!” From corporate shows in Albuquerque, N.M., to Cheyenne, Wyo., and the countless private shows and public gatherings of over 1,200 people at one time or another, this family entertainment show is a winner. What do you say? Come along and ride this train – you will certainly appreciate this excursion into yesterday. Let’s celebrate the career of “The Man in Black.”

AUG. 13 MacDougal Street West A Peter, Paul & Mary Experience MacDougal Street West: the sounds of Greenwich Village now. They are a Peter, Paul and Mary tribute band for larger venues and for local performances. Our band members consist of Ron Skelton, Mary Alberts, Rick Shore and Bill Rice. The new flowering of a vibrant musical tradition was rooted in Greenwich Village of the early 1960s. Now legendary folk singers and songwriters of that era could first be heard nightly in the cafes stretching along fabled MacDougal Street. Today great folk still lives on in MacDougal Street West. The urban vibe of Greenwich Village emanates now from Arizona and elicits memories of exciting times past and hopes for brighter days ahead. Ron Skelton: Guitar, vocals – Hailing from Lancaster, Calif., Ron loved music performance from an early age. He has been singing and performing with his guitar since his high school days. Coupling with that his experience of barbershop quartet harmonies has made Ron a polished group or solo performer. Mary Alberts: Vocals – Having grown up in the ’60s, Mary Alberts finds particular joy in keeping alive the good vibe of one of her musical heroes, Mary Travers. You can hear and see the affinity between them in the contemporary Mary’s contributions to MacDougal Street West performances. A similar warmth of tone and personality with the original Mary helps listeners harken back to the halcyon days of the Peter, Paul, and Mary experience. Rick Shore: Guitar, vocals – In 1962, Peter, Paul and Mary’s first album was released. After the album, 11-year old Rick asked if he could learn to play guitar and hasn’t stopped learning and playing. From junior high through college, Rick has been in groups that feature his favorite sounds: PPM, Kingston Trio, Beach Boys, Hollies, Buffalo Springfield and CSNY. Bill Rice: Bass, guitar – Bill was born and raised in the “badlands” of eastern Montana but headed south to Texas in ‘76. He played in several bands in and around Austin for years, finally arriving in Prescott in 1999.



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