Free Printable COVID-19 Coronavirus Signs & Posters | Plum Grove

Hello Everyone,

Please note, effective Tuesday, June 16, 2020, BOTH staff and customers are required to wear a mask while inside the pro-shop area.
Click on the dates for the latest press releases Friday, June 12. and Monday, June 16.
Here is a list of other requirements for golfers at all RCSCW pro-shops:
  • Maximum of 4 customers in the pro-shop at one time.
  • Six-foot social distancing needs to be adhered to as much as possible.
  • No congregating at any time while on golf course property.
  • Single cart riders only during the round.  The only exception are couples living in the same household may ride together.
  • Keep carts 30 feet from greens and tee boxes (keep carts on path near these areas) and use cart path as much as possible.  This will help the condition of the golf course.
  • Golfer may call pro-shop and pay green fees over the phone with either member credit or credit card.  This is available at all golf courses.
  • 10-minute tee time intervals are still in effect.
Please everyone stay safe, healthy and happy!
Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.
Take care, RCSCW Golf Operations
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