Apply to Present a Program

Thank you for your interest in presenting a program at the R H Johnson Library. Proposed programs may be offered at the library when they meet a number of criteria, including but not limited to:

  • available space for programming
  • scope of program
  • professional credentials
  • cost of program
  • suitability of the program to the library and Rec Centers’ mission

All proposed programs must be free and open to the residents (no registration fees allowed), though program participation may be limited by the appropriate age group as the R H Johnson Library decrees. Fees can be paid by the library to presenters.
The library strives to avoid duplication of programs within The Sun City West Rec Centers. Duplication of programs already offered in Sun City West, audience appeal, and the presenter’s credentials will be among the factors considered when evaluating any proposed program. Please visit the library’s online events calendar for an overview of our current programming.

Please fill out the following information. One of our programming librarians will respond within one to two weeks.

Present a Program

Targeted age group of program participants (please be specific)

Will you require registration

Equipment needs

Do you provide your own equipment

Type of presentation

Do you charge a fee

Will you be sharing information about or advertising a company or product in any way?

Do you represent a RCSCW club

Would you be able to provide photos of (select all that apply)

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