Residents are reminded that there is a shortage of vaccines affecting the availability of appointments at both the state and county locations, including the Banner location. Availability at some locations can also be limited depending on if you are 65+ or 75+.

Banner Health has the following webpage available to help determine if you are eligible to receive a vaccine at their site.

Make Appointment

RCSCW is offering assistance in scheduling an appointment – or setting up an account to schedule an appointment if there is currently no availability – in the Library’s Data Resource Center. Please note, you MUST be a resident and you must have an appointment for this assistance.

Call the Data Resource Center at 623-544-6644. Due to the overwhelming number of calls we are receiving, it may take a couple of days for you to receive a callback. If you have other options for assistance, we encourage you to pursue those. That can include the following hotlines:

AZDHS: 1-844-542-8201
Banner Health: 1-833-509-0908