R.H. Johnson Library

Culture Pass Program

Want to visit a museum, go see animals in the zoo, or walk through the Desert Botanical Garden- for free? Come check out a Culture Pass at the library and get two free admissions to participating locations.

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To learn more about the Act One Culture Pass program, please visit their website.

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How do I check out a Culture Pass?

In the Information Center of the library, we have the Culture Pass display. Take the pass you want to the check out desk and they will check it out to you. The receipt you get will be your two free admission tickets.

How many passes may be checked out?

Only one pass can be checked out per Rec Card holder.

How long is the pass valid?

The pass is valid for 7 days from the time of checkout. It expires at the end of the day on the due date shown on the receipt.

If I don't want the pass I checked out, can I return the pass early and get a different one?

No. Once a pass is checked out, it cannot be returned early. A new pass cannot be checked out until the old one expires.

Can I exchange one Culture Pass for another?

No. Once a pass has been checked out the customer must wait 7 days until the pass expires before receiving another.  

I used my tickets on day two. Can I get another pass before the expiration date?

No. Regardless of when the pass is used within the 7 day check out period, only one pass can be checked out per Rec Card holder. Once the seven days are up, another pass can be issued.  

Are the Culture Passes renewable?

Passes are not renewable. The pass will expire after seven days whether it has been used or not.

Can I place a Culture Pass on hold?

No. Passes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. To check availability, please check our catalog or call.