We are three months into the new year and with that our implementation to the new Rules of Golf have been felt in each round of golf that we play.  The top 5 rule changes that keep being discussed in our golf circles are:

  • The new way to drop the ball in taking relief
  • The new local rule for playing out of bounds or lost balls
  • Allowing the golfer to remove loose impediments and also grounding the club in a penalty area
  • Putting with the flagstick in while the ball is on the putting green
  • The fixing of spike marks or other damage on the putting green

The above five have had an impact for every golfer during their round.  I would like to hear the good and bad from all of you out there.  What kind of impact have the above rules made on your game this year?  Has it been an easy transition or difficult?  Do you think the rules are easier/better for the golfer than in the past?

Sound off and let me know your thoughts…

Patrick O’Hara, PGA
Golf Operations Manager