Arizona’s beautiful spring weather brings not only an abundance of flowers and outdoor activity but an influx of young visitors. That means it’s that time of the year when the Rec Centers would like to remind our residents that allowing your visiting grandchildren to drive your golf cart is prohibited by law.

We understand the temptation to share quality time with your visitors, and perhaps to spoil them a bit by allowing them to do something they can’t do “back home.” But make no mistake – allowing them to drive your golf cart is not only against the law but very dangerous.

According to state law, golf carts can carry no more than four people and must be operated at 25 mph or slower. Anyone who allows an underage driver to operate a golf cart is liable for all damages if there is an accident, along with fines for violating the law.

There are a variety of other fun things for visiting youngsters to do in Sun City West. Don’t let a trip to the emergency room or watching grandma or grandpa get a ticket, be the highlight of their trip!