The Recreation Centers of Sun City West today announcesits seven golf courses will close on Tuesday, April 14.
They will remain closed until further notice.

The Rec Centers is taking this action as an extension of its earlier progression of closures asthe state and nation
deal with the spread of coronavirus.

“The governor has not mandated the closure of golf courses, but we believe the time has come to take this
action to protect against the spread of coronavirus,” said General Manager Bill Schwind. “We had taken several
measures prior to this to ensure our golfers were socially distancing themselves, not touching flag poles or the
cups, not renting our golf carts. But want to continue being at the forefront of this, so our courses will close on
April 14.”

Residents make tee times seven days in advance in SCW, so this future date means no tee times will be
canceled, but no additional times for play after April 14 will be accepted. “We understand many of our golfers have
prepaid for discount cards(Kachina, Coyote and Annual). This is being taken into consideration. Please bear with us
as we work out the details and check for updates,” Schwind said.

Maintenance at the golf courses will continue, and aerification projects will be moved forward to take
advantage of the closure. This means the golf courses are CLOSED to the community. Player Assistants will be
reassigned to patrol the courses. No walking, biking, dog walking, or unscheduled golf will be allowed. Any
residents found trespassing may be subject to a loss of their membership privileges when the facilities reopen.

The recreation centers including outdoor amenities continue to be closed. “We understand our residents are
out there using some of the outdoorspaces for walking,” Schwind said. “We aren’t going to police those areas at
this time, but we ask our members to please practice social distancing and wear masks. Covid-19 is not something
to take your chances with, especially given our community’s demographics. The community sidewalks, which are
more extensive, may provide a better opportunity to get outside without getting close to others. We encourage
residents to exercise there, not on the limited spaces on our walking tracks and sports fields.”

The Rec Centers Pandemic Task Force and key staff are meeting regularly and will reevaluate that closure date
as the situation across the state unfolds.

Staff is working with the Governing Board to stay on schedule with its budgeting process by hosting virtual
meetings. Four committee meetings were held last week. A Workshop scheduled for this Friday will be held
virtually. Look for details at

Member dues are still being accepted via mail, the online portal or a drop box in front of the Member Services
Office. Anyone who is late on dues that are payable after April 1 will have late fees waived, but dues are still
required per the agreement each homeowner signs when buying a home in Sun City West. Dues go toward
maintaining and operating the facilities, and are not a guarantee of facility availability. The Rec Centers will reopen
the facilities as soon as it is feasible without jeopardizing resident safety.

The Rec Centers is working closely with Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, as well as taking guidance from the
Centers for Disease Control and Arizona Department of Health Services to provide updates. Information can be
found online at and by following the Recreation Centers of Sun City West on all their
social media:

• Facebook: Recreation Centers of Sun City West
• Twitter: @rcscw
• Instagram: @suncitywest_az

Updates also are being shared on Sun City West radio station KSCW 103.1 FM.

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