Governing Board News

Policy Statement L8 update

Editor’s note: The Governing Board has approved the following fine schedule as Policy L8 and is sharing it here for residents’ information:   RECREATION CENTERS OF SUN CITY WEST, INC. POLICY STATEMENT – L 8 Corrective Fines and Schedule of Non-Compliance Fines 1.0 Purpose: 1.1 Recreation Centers of Sun City West, Inc. (the “Association”), an […]

Governing Board develops 2018-19 goals

The Recreation Centers of Sun City West Governing Board wrapped up a recent training session by developing six goals for 2018-19.   The goals capped two days of training July 9-10 at Palm Ridge Recreation Center where new and continuing directors learned about Association Bylaws, non-profit law, open meetings laws and more. They discussed communication […]

Where is the Governing Board going this year?

By JIM SLOAN Governing Board President   The 2018-19 fiscal year is my second on the Governing Board. I have mostly enjoyed my experience and the process of governance. Sometimes there are too many meetings, sometimes not enough time to prepare – but overall the opportunity to view our community from the Board perspective has […]

Did You Know: Learn about SCW ambulance services

By Marion Mosley Rec Centers’ Treasurer   Did you know that our fire district loses money every year on ambulance service?  Did you know that fire protection and emergency medical services to your home are provided to you through your fire district taxes?  However, ambulance transportation is not funded by district taxes and must sustain […]