This class explores  Smart Home Security- how the “Internet of Things” is helping to improve home security through smart devices. We’ve all seen the ads, but how do those fancy “Ring” bells actually work? How can you set them up? And what are the benefits for you? Join GroovyTek in March to find out how Ring works and what conventional home security companies are doing to keep up! 

Instructor Bernard Nixon is a Grand Canyon University alumni and the Lead Technology Trainer for GroovyTek in Arizona. He’s a technology enthusiast and combines his interest in “the next best thing” with a dedication to helping clients make the most of personal technology in their daily lives. With experience in recruiting for the tech field and working with personal technology, he uses his knowledge to support the GroovyTek mission – raising the bar of technical understanding for people who grew up without modern technology – through both group classes and one-on-one sessions.