The award-winning Virtual Reality program at the R.H. Johnson Library has expanded to additional days each month. There are three presentations per day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays with immediate openings.  Also, guests of Rec Card holders who are 18 year of age or older are now welcome. Guests are charged the daily guest fee but there continues to be no fee for residents. 

Available times for each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are 9:15 and 11:45 AM and 2:00 PM.  Each session is 90 minutes long and has space for up to four participants for each time slot.  Reservations can be made in person in the Library’s Data Resource Center or by calling 623-544-6644.

In addition to retaining the most popular scenarios, the Library staff has added several new experiences including a space alien shooting arcade call Magic Gun, an Alpine Skiing experience that is proving to be very popular, and a carnival ride experience with three different rides.  There are great roller coaster rides including one from the Munich Oktoberfest and several with fantastic computer-generated graphics such as the Riff and Thor’s Hammer.  And there is a new interactive guided tour to Tallinn, the medieval city that is the capital of Estonia. 

The staff and volunteers at the R.H. Johnson invite all our patrons to come and enjoy this new and fascinating technology.  With this new schedule there is a date and time that works for you.   More sessions of Virtual Reality are now offered at the R. H. Johnson Library each month. Small groups provide the best experience, so preregistration is required. Call the Data Resource Center at 623-544-6644 to reserve a specific time. All equipment is supplied.