We have some exciting news for our tech-savvy residents! Beginning April 8, Sun City West members may use a smart phone app to store a digital version of their rec card on their device, and use that in lieu of their real rec card for most of our locations. Please note, guests may not use a digital version of their host member’s rec card.

Anywhere the Rec Centers has its membership/golf/facilities software (most facility entry locations where a monitor/starter checks you in on a computer), you may use a digital rec card. The Rec Centers is recommending the Stocard app, available for download from the Apple and GooglePlay stores. Instructions are available at locations throughout the Rec Centers.

Be sure to note, a photo of your rec card WILL NOT WORK! As this new opportunity rolls out, please be sure to continue bringing your regular rec card as back up in case you had any problems installing the digital card correctly. If there is ever an issue, the starter or monitor has the right to require your real rec card. Also, to reiterate, resident guests must show the resident’s real guest card and pay the appropriate guest fee if they are visiting a location! The right to use a digital rec card is reserved for residents.

To ensure the integrity of our facility usage process, the convenience comes with some restrictions. For example, digital rec cards cannot be used to check out materials at the Library, as the Library uses specialized cataloging software. Digital cards can, however, be used to check in upon entering the Library or to use the Data Resource Center computers, as those areas use our traditional membership software.

The digital cards can be used beginning April 8 in the following locations:

  1. Inside all four recreation centers, including pools and fitness centers
  2. At all seven golf courses
  3. At the entrances to the library (main and Data Resource Center)

Digital cards MAY NOT be used in the following locations; original rec cards must be provided. Keychain style cards also are not accepted at these locations:

  1. At the Sports Pavilion (billiards) since rec cards are kept on file for use of the billiards balls
  2. For checking out materials from the library. (Newer versions of the keychain style cards (the white ones) that contain a photo may be used to check out library materials.)
  3. At Beardsley Mini Golf
  4. At the Box Office

As a reminder, members who do not have a photo on their rec card or in our computer system, or whose rec card is badly damaged and unreadable, will be denied entry at all locations. These members must stop by Member Services (inside R.H. Johnson Rec Center, 19803 R.H. Johnson Blvd.) and retake their photo. An updated rec card will be provided free of charge. Anyone who has an outdated rec card also may get a new photo and rec card at no cost. Old rec cards must be turned in to receive the new rec card at no charge.

As the Rec Centers expands the ability for members to check in to our various locations through keychain style cards and digital apps, we appreciate your patience and support, and adherence to the limitations that are in place to protect the integrity of our community.