Recreation Centers

Of Sun City West, Inc. 




Date:               December 02, 2019

To:                  RCSCW Governing Board

From:             William Schwind, General Manager

Subject:          Weekly Activity Report – December 02, 2019


Facility Projects: (Karl)
  1. Palm Ridge Stained Glass/Computers West Club Renovation is in progress – Stained Glass Room Update –  Flooring, Final Trim, and workstation installation is in progress.  We expect this project to be completed 12/31/19.  Computers West Room – Cabinets, Ceiling Grid Tile and Mechanical Trim are all in progress.  We expect this project to be completed sometime around mid-January 2020.



Facility Maintenance:  (Russ)
  1. Through the Holiday, we had a vendor working on the Outdoor Spa heater at R. H, Johnson. After  replacing a governor, the heater flame was orange and not the normal blue flame.  In the interest of safety, we shut the spa heater down and as of Monday, 12-2-19 there was no heat to that spa.  We are setting up a scheduled time for the vendor to come in to assess the situation and locate and repair the problem.


  1. Facility Maintenance Staff is busy working on completing multiple Work Orders.


Recreation:  (David)
  1. Staff is busy this season with decorating and setting up events for the Holidays.


Recreation Activities:  (Riley)
  1. If you are looking for information on CC&Rs, take a moment to check out our web page and FAQs using this link: .


  1. As our population moves back into Sun City West for the winter, the number of CC&R complaints being submitted has increased. Despite the increase in CC&R cases submitted, the CC&R Department has been able to keep the “open cases” to about 63.


  1. Riley has submitted the proposed CC&R Budget for FY20/21 to management.


  1. We have renewed our Movie License for 2020.


  1. We are assisting in the rewriting of the Agriculture Club Bylaws and will schedule a meeting with the Club to discuss the same.


  1. Stained Glass Club has requested a meeting with Management regarding their new space.


  1. We will be talking with the current President and Officers of the Deer Valley Men’s Golf Club about the inability to attract Officers from their Club membership.


Village Store:
  1. Sales at the Village Store were very good this past Saturday. We are open on “Black Friday”, Nov. 29 and will have three employees covering overlapping shifts for that day as we expect it to be busy.


  1. We will work on pulling Club Items for November after Thanksgiving so there are more items for sale on display.


  1. Village Store Manager Katie Van Leuven will be doing a radio Interview on KSCW 103.1 to talk about the Store and the upcoming Christmas Season.


Sports Pavilion:
  1. We had three 300 games bowled last week. Congratulations to out to Cal Shirey, Pete Kleckner and Jeff  Row!  To date there have been sixteen 300 games bowled this year.


  1. We had 70 entries for Nov. 27 No-Tap Tournament.


  1. 100 sports fans attended our Sunday NFL Event.


  1. League Play was down 14% due to the League cancellations to allow for the tournament. The Pioneer League bowled one less week and the Sunday League did not bowl.  Open Play was up 30%, Refreshment Sales were up 32% and Total Revenue was up 1%.


General Services:
  1. Library Director Jane Kauzlaric is retiring 12-14-19. Her replacement, Tracy Skousen, started her new job today.  We will be having a retirement celebration for Jane at the Library this Thursday afternoon.  We wish her well!


  1. Staff will be attending a meeting this week to discuss the current “911” System.


  1. The Rec. Centers joined a Phoenix Radio Station (KSLX 100.7) in their effort to collect holiday cards for our troops to show them how much Sun City West supports them. We collected over 500 cards with Holiday wishes in them and turned them over to KSLX.  They are now on their way to the troops.


  1. Through the SCW Consortium and as Community Partners we are sponsoring Happy, Healthy Holiday, an Interactive Wellness Event on Friday, December 13 from 9 a.m. until Noon in the Sun City West Foundation Webb Room. There will be information  on Acupuncture Education, Blood Pressure Checks, Fire Prevention and many Holiday Activities to participate in.  Space is limited.  To register, visit and click on ‘Healthy Living Classes” or call (623) 207-1703.


  1. To register for the upcoming governing Board Election, send an email to and include your name, Owner-Member Card number and the email address you will be using to vote. You will receive an auto response to let you know you have been registered.


  1. An interesting statistic: Confirmed cases of Flu in Arizona are up 368% over last year and 481% overall.


RHJ Library:
  1. Last Saturday, Nov. 30, the library presented a thanksgiving Story Time to four children and nine adults. After the stories, the kids created their own Christmas Countdown Paperchain.


  1. New Library Director Tracy Skousen arrived Thursday, Dec. 5.


Financial Services:
  1. APF numbers are in very good shape for the month. B&F Committee is addressing the APF Financial Policy.


  1. We expect our Operating Budget Meeting to take place in mid to late December.


  1. The transfer of Operating Funds to Reserves will take place during the month of December.


  1. Karl Wilhelm did an outstanding job with his presentation at the Foresight Meeting.


  1. We are taking some of our funds out of lower yield money market accounts and putting them into higher yield government funded accounts.


  1. We have scheduled a Reserve Analysis Presentation at the Governing Board Workshop in mid-January 2020.


  1. For the month of November 2019 we had 97 APFs with 8 refunds for a total of 89 APF Fees. Total number for the month of  November in 2018 was 86 which puts us three over 2018.


  1. The updated photo taking for continues to be a little slower than expected but the busiest months of Jan. and Feb. are quickly approaching.


Events Planning:
  1. Tickets for “Spring Fest”, March 14 through March 16 are SOLD OUT


  1. Save the date 3-7-20 for our “BBQ Taste of Paradise Challenge” which is a Southwest National BBQ Competition.  To date we have about 33 competitors, many committed sponsorships, Woodshop/Metal Club in-kind sponsors for trophies and awards.    This event takes place in the R.H. Johnson Parking Lot on March 7, 2020.  The RHJ parking lot will be blocked off beginning Thursday 3-05-19 through Sunday 03-08-19.


  1. Tickets are on sale at the Box Office for Breakfast with Santa. This event is scheduled for Dec. 21, 8:30 a.m. at Beardsley.


  1. Tickets are still available now for our Holiday Show, Uptown Angels & MacDougal Street West scheduled for Dec. 11 at Palm Ridge, 3:00 and 7:00 p.m. Tickets are still available for both the 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. shows.


  1. Tickets for our New Year’s Eve Dance scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 31 are available and on sale at our Box Office.


  1. Our 5K Run tickets become available on Monday, December 9, 2019. The date of the 5K is Saturday, March 28, 2020.  Visit and click on Annual 5K Registration listed under Announcements.  Proceeds from this event will go to Patriotic Service Dog Foundation.


Human Resources:
  1. Employees are reminded that Open Enrollment ends this week, Dec. 5.


  1. We received 30 applications for the HR Manager’s position for consideration.


Golf Operations:
  1. With the rain and cold weather, we have had at the end of the month, our rounds are 11% below prior year and revenues are 14% below prior year. Anytime we lose a weekday of golf dur t weather, it impacts our revenue.


  1. This weekend at Deer Valley Golf Course we will be hosting the Coors Light Challenge II Round Robin Match Play Event. This is a two-man, best ball with 96 players.  There will be eight flights of 6 teams who will play a total of five nine-hole matches during the two days.


  1. Night Golf is being played on Friday, December 20 at Pebblebrook Golf Course. We have 104 players signed up to play and it will be a great night as long as the weather cooperates.  New technology in golf equipment will be the big talk of this event.  New glow balls and hole lights will really make this a fun event.


  1. Jean and Lee Serr are stepping down from hosting our Sunday Couples events. They are both having health issues and are no longer able to run these events which are scheduled  every other Sunday throughout the year.  As many as 100 golfers will participate in this event.  We will either name a new host or we will handle these events through Golf Operations.  It may be necessary to make some changes to the events.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jean and Lee for everything they have done for the Community and the many hours they have given to make the Sunday Couples Event so successful.


Environmental Services:
  1. Golf Course Maintenance
  • Rainfall totals from Friday, 11-19 were between 1.25” and 1.50”. We had cart path restrictions  in effect all day and Deer Valley Golf Course was closed due to high water.


  • Another storm system was forecast for Wednesday of this week.


  • Irrigation systems and well pumps have been off for 14 days and counting. No need to pump or put water down with all the rain we’ve had.


  • The putting green at Grandview Golf Course reopened on Monday, 12-2-19.


  1. Landscape Maintenance:


  • Beardsley Park reopened on Monday, December 2, a week and a half ahead of schedule.



Upcoming Events

December Upcoming Events

Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Holiday Concert Uptown Angels/MacDougal Wednesday Dec 11, 2019 Palm Ridge 3&7pm Available Now
Breakfast with Santa –

SCW residents only

Saturday, Dec 21, 2019 Beardsley 8:30am Available Now

Box Office Only

New Year’s Eve Dance Tuesday, December 31, 2019 Palm Ridge 7:30pm Available Now
Current / Upcoming Ticket Sales
Event Event Date Location Time Ticket Sales
Cary Long – Comedian Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm December 3, 2019
Troubadour Experience Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm December 3, 2019
TOP HAT – Uptown Thursday, January 9, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Shashaty Thursday, February 13, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Jump Jive & Wail Thursday, February 27, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
TOP HAT – Aretha Thursday, March 12, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Ping Brothers Friday, January 10, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Tod Oliver & Friends Friday, January 24, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – AZ Trio Friday, February 7, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – Adel Experience Friday, February 21, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
CRUISE SHIP – Black Market Trust Friday, March 6, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm Available Now
CRUISE SHIP – Fair Child Blues Friday, March 20, 2020 Palm Ridge 7pm SOLD OUT
Vox Fortura Tuesday, January 14, 2020 Palm Ridge 3 & 7pm Available Now
Voyager – Journey Tribute March 13, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT
One of These Nights – Eagles Trib March 14, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT
Mirage – Fleetwood Mac Trib March 15, 2020 Beardsley 7pm SOLD OUT


5k Becomes Available next Monday December 9, 2019

Date of 5k – Saturday, March 28, 2020

Visit Click on Annual 5K Registration listed under Announcements

Charities go to – Patriotic Service Dog Foundation


BBQ – SCW BBQ Taste of Paradise Challenge

SAVE THE DATE – March 7, 2020


Ticket Sales  December 3, 2019
Show Location Tickets Sold % Date of          Event
Holiday Show                            3PM Palm Ridge 286 40% 12/11/2019
Holiday Show                            7PM Palm Ridge 365 52% 12/11/2019
Breakfast with Santa Beardsley 420 42% 12/21/2019
New Year’s Eve Dance Palm Ridge 304 70% 12/31/2019
Top Hat – Uptown                     3PM Palm Ridge 570 71% 1/9/2020
Top Hat – Uptown                     7PM Palm Ridge 777 97% 1/9/2020
Cruise Ship – Ping Brothers Palm Ridge 797 99% 1/10/20120
Vox Fortura                                3PM Palm Ridge 193 24% 1/14/2019
Vox Fortura                                7PM Palm Ridge 308 38% 1/14/2019
Cruise Ship – Todd Oliver and Friends Palm Ridge 800 100% 1/24/2020
Cruise Ship – The Arizona Trio Palm Ridge 800 100% 2/7/2020
Cary Long – Comedian             3PM Palm Ridge 74 22% 2/11/2019
Cary Long – Comedian             7PM Palm Ridge 130 38% 2/11/2019
Top Hat – ShaShaty                 3PM Palm Ridge 509 63% 2/13/2020
Top Hat – ShaShaty                 7PM Palm Ridge 716 89% 2/13/2020
Troubadour Experience            3PM Palm Ridge 122 15%
Troubadour Experience            7PM Palm Ridge 242 30%
Cruise Ship – Adele Palm Ridge 800 100% 2/21/2020
Top Hat – Jump Jive Wail        3PM Palm Ridge 523 64% 2/27/2020
Top Hat – Jump Jive Wail        7PM Palm Ridge 745 91% 2/27/2020
Cruise Ship – Black Market Trust Palm Ridge 762 94% 3/6/2020
Top Hat – Aretha                      3PM Palm Ridge 549 68% 3/12/2020
Top Hat – Aretha                      7PM Palm Ridge 769 95% 3/12/2020
SPRING FEST – Voyager Beardsley 2400 100% 3/13/2020
SPRING FEST – Take it to the Limit Beardsley 2400 100% 3/14/2020
SPRING FEST – Mirage Beardsley 2400 100% 3/15/2020
Cruise Ship – Fairchild Blues Tribute Palm Ridge 800 100% 3/20/2020


 Subscriptions No Longer Available
2020 Cruise Ship Subscriptions 7PM Palm Ridge 700 100% Dates Vary
2020 Top Hat Subscriptions 3PM Palm Ridge 481 68% Dates Vary
2020 Top Hat Subscriptions 7PM Palm Ridge 694 99% Dates Vary
2020 Spring Fest Package no longer available Beardsley 1993 March 13-15


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