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Arizona Fire & Medical Authority

9-9-20 Sun City West Clubs Reopening Dates
PR 8-26-20 Rec Centers to reopen Palm Ridge, RHJ Gyms
PR 8-24-20 Sun City West cancels fall special events
Sun City West social clubs, gyms awaiting approval from state before reopening
8-12-20 Rec Centers prep to reopen fitness centers
PR 7-21-20 R.H.Johnson Library temporarily shorten hours
PR 7-20-20 Echo Mesa Closure
Rec Center Reopening Schedule_7_14_20
PR 7-2-20 Face shields not adequate substitute for face masks
PR 6-29-20 New Closures
PR 6-17-20 Sun City West announces July 4 closures
PR 6-15-20 Recreation Centers of SCW provides additional details on new mask requirement
PR 6-12-20 Rec Centers mandates masks starting June 13
PR 5-20-20 Rec Centers announces partial reopening
PR 5-13-20 Sun City West Library to offer curbside pickup
PR 5-4-20 Virtual Public Budget Form, meeting scheduled
PR 4-29-20 Golf opens Monday; other facilities remain closed
COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Maricopa County
PR 4-21-20 Coronavirus: RCSCW schedules golf reopening May 4
PR 4-21-20 Rec Centers’ clarifies member dues questions
PR 4-13-20 RCSCW preps for golf course closures
Maricopa County Numbers of Diagnosed COVID-19
GM Responds to Golf Closures
PR 4-6-20 Golf Courses to close Tuesday April 14
Golf cart, equipment rentals end April 4
Message from the Arizona Fire & Medical Authority
PR 3-23-20 SCW closures extended through May 3
PR 3-18-20 Sun City West Golf to implement more COVID-19 precautions
PR 3-12-20 Rec Centers updates coronavirus closure plans
Message from our General Manager 3-12-20
PR 3-11-20 Rec Centers enact two-week closure
PR 3-9-20 Sun City West Readies for possible closures/cancelations

All scheduled HOA meetings and public access to Arizona Fire and Medical facilities is currently prohibited until further notice. We are keeping our crews ready for emergency response, decreasing exposure to our crews and the public.

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Screening Checkpoint

Residents, we wanted to clean up some confusion we have been seeing on our social media pages.  There has been a lot of back and forth about whether or not there are any cases in Sun City West, with some people believing there are no cases because the state has not reported any “Sun City West” cases.

We want everyone to know that all the SCW cases will be reported as “Maricopa County” cases.  Do not expect to see a number for SCW.  Additionally, we know that the lack of testing availability means some of our Covid-19 cases are not reported in official numbers and some of these people are caring for themselves at home.

Local emergency personnel have confirmed they are responding to and treating an increased number of Covid-19 cases in Sun City West.  Because of our populations age, this is especially concerning.

Please do not let this period of silent spread lull you into a feeling that you do not need to social distance.  Steps already taken in this community to keep residents safe HAS made a difference and our community is seeing fewer Covid-related calls than some other areas, but that doesn’t mean it’s not here and spreading.  It is.

If you are having a medical emergency, whether it’s related to Covid-19 symptoms or something else, call 911 (let them know if you suspect Covid so they can take proper precautions). If your symptoms are mild, care for yourself at home.

Be safe.  Stay home.  Share this information with your friends and neighbors.  Please give this a couple weeks to play out and we will have a better handle on the extent of the problem.  Listen to the CDC and heed their advice.

We’re all in this together.  Thank you.