With our peak golf season ramping up and Todd Patty and his staff doing a wonderful job with the overseeding, here are a few tips for us golfers in taking care of the golf course:

  • Avoid wet or low areas when driving your golf cart. If you feel/see a wet area please drive your cart in a different location.  You will reap the benefits of a great conditioned golf course down the road.
  • Please don’t drive too close to the greens or tee boxes. The local rule at our RCSCW golf courses is “no closer than 30’ for most of our golfers.  For those of you who have the privilege of driving to 15’ of greens and tees due to the medical flag status, please make sure you take advantage of this opportunity but refrain from driving into sand bunkers, the fringe, apron of the green and in-between the edge of green and any green side bunkers .  Remember, 15’ is five good size paces from the tee box area and green.
  • While the Bermuda roughs are still green please use the rough for cart traffic as much as you can. This will help take some of the traffic off our newly overseeded fairways.  Once the roughs turn brown or go dormant, it is best to have the cart traffic in the fairways as much as possible to help the rough keep as much of the grass intact.  We’ll see the difference in the late winter and early spring.
  • When using the sand/seed mix during the winter months, please fill the divot area with enough mix to run flush with the surrounding fairway area. It should not be heaped in a pile.  This will help the staff in keeping the fairways thick and smooth.  Remember to refill your personal sand bottle with the sand seed mixture that is provided at the golf course.
  • Only sand tee boxes and fairways.  The rough is treated with pre-emergent; therefore, sanding/seeding these areas is not necessary.
  • For those of you who might use a pull/push cart during the season, just a reminder to keep the cart off the greens and tee boxes.

My hope is to remind us all of what we can do to help keep our golf courses in the best shape possible.  It is always a pleasure to play on a well-maintained golf course and a large part of that responsibility rest on the shoulders of the golfer.  Let’s do our part and have an enjoyable golf season!