Out of an abundance of caution and due to the high number of out of state visitors at this time of year, the Recreation Centers of Sun City West advises residents to be aware that event cancelations or facility closures could happen at any time. Residents who are at higher risk of infection are advised to avoid social situations and group settings.

“Coronavirus in Arizona is a rapidly evolving situation. We don’t know what the Covid-19 cases will look like in two weeks, but we do know Arizona will have more, as will the rest of the country,” said General Manager Bill Schwind. “We want to be sure to give all our residents, including those who are expecting guests, as much time as possible to make alternative plans if they choose. That’s why we are putting out this notice now, even though no local cases have been reported.”

The Rec Centers is canceling its Happy Camp programming, which was scheduled to begin March 23 and invites participation from youngsters who are visiting their grandparents. “We know our residents love this annual two-week long celebration with their visiting grandchildren, but safety comes first, so this event has been canceled,” Schwind said.

As for other events and activities planned in Sun City West, decisions regarding closures or cancelations will be made as more is known. “We have a Covid-19 plan in place and can make decisions quickly, as the need arises,” Schwind said.
Residents are advised to take precautions to safeguard their own health, particularly residents who are at higher risk. Per the CDC, older adults and those with a chronic medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes or lung disease are at higher risk for Covid-19 complications.

“As of right now, there are no known cases of Covid-19 in our area, but that could change at any time,” said Schwind.
Per advice from the CDC and Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, all residents are advised to take precautions to safeguard their own health, including social distancing. The Rec Centers encourages residents to ensure they have a supply of prescription medicines, as well as food and other necessities to last them for two weeks. The Rec Centers will make decisions on cancelations and closures to safeguard our members, should we reach that point.

Residents are advised to watch suncitywest.com and sign up for the Rec Centers’ enews or follow us on Twitter at @rcscw to stay abreast of local conditions pertaining to the Rec Centers. Any event cancelations or facility closures will be announced there. Arizona Fire and Medical Authority is the local agency responsible for working with residents throughout the community. Follow AZFMA on Twitter at @azfireauthority.com or visit afma.az.gov.