Village Store’s Featured Artist: Sue DeBrocke

Retiring in the summer of 2017, Sue DeBrocke wasted no time jumping into the world of fused glass when she joined the Copper Enamel and Glass Arts Club that same summer. Coming up on two years of retirement, Sue continues to enjoy making fused glass pieces, many of which she models after animals.

Sue starts her fused glass process by first drawing the animal she plans to design. With the use of a few reference photos and her natural drawing ability, Sue completes her drawing and moves onto the next step, the Gap method. The Gap method is an online tutorial created by Cristina Grumezescu that teaches a special method of fused glass making. Originally intended to make dishes, Sue learned the Gap method and modified it so she could make animals with the process. Next she places her animals into a kiln for eight hours until they are complete.

Once completed, many of Sue’s fused glass animals make their way over to the Village Store where they are placed on the shelves and walls of the store for residents and guests to purchase.

Outside of the fused glass animals she makes with the Copper Enameling and Glass Arts Club, Sue has also found herself creating and crafting with some of the other arts and crafts clubs, such as Toy-Ki Silver and the Lapidary clubs. Sue had also spent some time with the Stained Glass Club.

The Village Store, located at the R.H. Johnson Recreation Center, is home to many of Sun City West’s most unique and creative arts and crafts items. Ranging from jewelry and stained glass to quilts and sculptures, you can find a little bit of everything in the Village Store. Behind each item however is the story of the artist who created it.

Each item you see in the Village Store is crafted by one of Sun City West’s residents, all of whom partake in one or several of the chartered arts and crafts clubs. With so many talented individuals crafting the items you see in the store, the Village Store and the Recreation Centers of Sun City West Public Relations Department have teamed up to shine a light on the SCW artists who make the Village Store such a unique gem within our community.

Welcome to the first installment of the Village Store’s Featured Artist. Our first featured artist is Sue DeBrocke, a fused glass maker who has provided the Village Store with some of its most colorful and lifelike animals.    

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