Club Members and Officers,

In the coming weeks you will see the new ClubTrack software (and in some cases, new hardware) appearing in our club rooms and shared spaces as we prepare to launch this new program.

ClubTrack is an easy to use, cloud-based program that will help our clubs track their member usage. It will help the Association capture facility and club usage data so we can make smart decisions about how our spaces are programmed, enhanced and expanded. Change is never easy, but this program is designed to be as simple to use as possible, and we appreciate your cooperation in facilitating its adoption.

The Information Technology Department and Facility Leads will be working closely with the clubs to find the best hardware solution to meet each club’s needs. Some clubs who have their own computers may find that simply opening another browser on their existing computer, and attaching an Association-provided scanner, works best for them. Others may need a laptop and scanner from the Association. Every situation is unique. Please be patient as we work through this rollout in phases.

Not every club will need to scan in their members. Some clubs, such as golf clubs, already capture their member usage through tee sheets and league play. Other clubs such as Sportsmen’s and Cycling enjoy most of their activity off site and may only use the software for periodic meetings. Again, we appreciate your patience as we take care of capturing the most important data points first, and then move on to the less critical areas.

For those clubs who do see an immediate impact, we will work with your officers and monitors to ensure a smooth transition. The most important factor to remembers is that the accuracy of your club rosters is the No. 1 element to having a good experience with this software. If you provide poor roster data to our Rec Division, you will experience a high number of “not found” members when you swipe their cards. We will work with you to resolve these issues. Again, be patient.

Toward this end, the first two months of this roll out can be considered a learning experience. All data will be test data, and will be purged before “real data” is captured and retained beginning in January 2022. Testing in November and December 2021 will be a learning experience.

Rollout plan:
Note: Training will occur on site, per club, during rollout.
• Oct. 20: Memo to Clubs
• Oct. 21-29: Rollout Pilot and Phase 1 Clubs (19 total)
• Nov. 1-5: Rollout Phase 2 Clubs: 21 Clubs
• Nov. 8-12: Rollout Phase 3 Clubs: 25 Clubs
• Nov. 15-19: Rollout Phase 4 and circle back on any remaining Clubs
• Nov. 2: Software Demo at Chartered Clubs Committee
• Nov. 12: Software Demo at Governing Board Workshop
• Dec. 31: Purge old data
• Jan. 1, 2022: Begin collection of fresh data
• Feb. 1, 2022: Present initial reports to Chartered Clubs Committee

Updated rosters, using the template that was previously sent to the clubs, may be emailed to Questions may also be sent to that address.