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The Earl E. Mackert Data Resource Center - Sun City West

Located in RH Johnson Library, the Center provides Intel® Core™ i3 computer stations with Windows 7 operating system and provides software for highspeed internet browsing (50mb cable internet connection) as well as Microsoft Office 2010, etc. for residents of Sun City West and their visiting guests.

WiFi Warning and Disclamer

Computer use rules are:

  • 1 hour maximum use per SCW card holder (unless no other members are waiting).
  • If you need help saving your information before your time-limit expires, please see the Data Resource Center Technician.
  • Guests under the age of 19 unaccompanied by a host member are not permitted to use the Data Resource Center computers.
  • Guests using computers must have a valid guest card.  Adult guests unaccompanied by a host member or tenant member must present a guest card bearing the host's identity, with host's valid association card.
  • Any unethical, illegal or disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated, and can result in loss of center privileges.  (See the posted Internet use rules.)
  • Neither food nor liquids are permitted in the Library or Data Resource Center.
  • Please turn cell phones off.

    Data Resource Center and Public Access Internet Terms of Use
Listing of Library approved websites in .pdf format is available for viewing/printing/downloading.  Please note sites are hyperlinked and the document can be "searched" for keywords.  Web addresses are constantly changing so please let us know about site changes you become aware of.


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